Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Must Haves!

Monday morning, rain is fallin'.
Steal some covers, share some skin.

Or in my case, I wish, Netflix.
Today is a gloomy day in New York and the last thing I wanted to be doing was.... Working.
But, ya know, money is cool and all. But so isnt Netflix and Heluva Good.
I hate Mondays.. and the rain...... and the cold..... and working.....
So, I got to thinkin' what would be better on this crappy day then to make a post about my Monday MUST Haves! These are going to be my must haves from Beauty to Books to Movies to anything I really feel like.
Ya picking up what im putting down?!?

My first must have is, Mac Angel! It is like theeee perfect lipstick.. Not kidding. If you love a good pinky nude (which ya should) this is for you. I wear it legitametly probabaly everyday. I just switch out the glosses or layer lipsticks on top and it transforms to anything. It always looks different. But, even on its own its the

Second has been my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette!
UGHHHHHHHHHHHH TO DIE FOR. If you dont contour, actually don't have this palette, I feel bad for you. So, its $40 for 6 different shades, 3 bronzers, 3 highlights.. In all honesty that is an amazing price. It gives you the exact look all the celebs are doing but at home! I could never get that yellow under eye Kim K has going on until I got this. You need it in your life. BTW-- Would you guys like to see an updated Contour tutorial?!?! Let me know in the commments!

#GirlBoss is my life. Written in a book. Except I was never homeless, or stole books and put them on Ebay. But other than that the writter, Sofia, Owner of NastyGal, is my alter ego.. It is such a fun book but really kicks your ass to get you moving in life. It made me reevaluate alot of things. But mostly that I just want to be her. This would be in my pic, but this one broad is borrowing it. (Youre welcome, Sam)

My Lorac Pro2 Palette. I cannot even put into words my love for the first. But, now the second?!? It is all the shadows I would wear everyday put into a palette. The clouds spread, a Will Ferrell type of god came down (If you havent seen the movie Superstar, I hate you) and said 'Here you are Emily, youre welcome.' Nectar and Cool Grey, I literally use every single day. Again, I know you all think I am crazy spending $42 on makeup but listen, there is 16 shades. 16 perfect shades. Lets say you are in rite aid, you seen an eyeshadow you love and its $5! Im sure most of you think thats a steal. But, even lets say its $3. If you buy 16 of them first of all, you will never get the use out of it like this palette, it will be chalky, it wont look as good, stay as long, etc. And 16 or $5 is $80. 16 for $3 is $48. Youre welcome:)

I cant find my exact ones on the website but these will work. They are sooo similar to mine just a bit different. I was about to say UGH again, but I will refrain. They are so comfy but so cute. Who can say anymore?! And not even that, but they go with everything!

Ardell False Lashes are my makeup weapon of choice. If you are feelin bad about yourself on some off day, maybe even today with this depressing rain, pop on these lashes no joke. You will feel like theeee boss. Not just a boss, but theeeeee definition of theeee boss. Your makeup just will look so much better like you tried so much harder. When ya really didnt. The demi-whispies are my favoriteeeee!

Last, but not least, is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in radiant magenta. You legit cannot live without this. It makes you look like your lit from within. Like, HELLLOOOOOO, who doesnt want that?!!? I know I do...

What are your Monday Favorites?!?
But, more importantly, what are you doing on this sad, Monday?
Maybe a trip to Sephora would help your Monday Blues with all of these cool new recommendations!
Or just go home, eat some Lemonheads and watch Gossip Girl.
Whatever you doing, have a good day guys-- Talk to you Soon :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

No Heat For The Week-- For my Curl Gurrrrrlz #noheatsummer

Hi Guys! Im back with my #noheatsummer series but this time for my Curl Gurlz! 
So you might have read my No Heat for the Week, but I got some complaints that you can't do those styles with curly hair. But I DIGRESS! (sp?) All of those styles would be great on curly hair.. Maybe even better to be honest. I feel like all boring pony tails just look so amazing with curls. It could be just because 'you always want what you don't have'. But, I am alllllllll about curly hair. Ok, lets get real I'm just ALLLLLL about any hair. Either way tho, curls rock.

So since I said, I am not a braider.. I thought I would go out of my comfort zone and try somethin' new. I am human. I do stink at things--- Actually stink at a lot of things. But, I'm tryin!

First, this is just a simple 'do. It kinda reminds me of Arianna Grande. I think this is perfect for curly hair girls because the front pieces are always crazy. This is a great way to get them out of your face for the day! I parted the hair, then took about an inch and a half on each side, combed it back and secured it with a tiny elastic under the hair. Its hidden and none knows its even there. And your hair isn't in your face. WIIIIN!

Next is this Dutch Braid. This is so simple its not even funny. I first parted the hair in the middle into two pigtails and started braiding each side. Then, I brought one pony over the top of the head to the opposite ear and secured with bobby pins and did the same to the opposite side. To make the look not look so put together, I pulled out pieces of the braid to make the braid bigger and pulled pieces out around the face. Saaaaa cute, I can't get enuf.

 The 3rd style is a regular pony. We put it right on top of the head secured with a ponytail. Then took a piece of the pony wrapped it around the base and bobby pinned it down. Then pulled the top of the pony to make it bigger. Again, take pieces out around your face and BAM a cute pony:)

This might look like an average top knot. BUT ITS NOT! Duh, duh, duh, duhhhhhhhh! First, we took the same steps as the before style and brought all of the hair to the top of the head and secured with a ponytail. Then, we started braiding the pony. Twist it around the base, secure it with another pony. To finish it off pull on pieces of the braid to make it look a little messier/bigger and pieces around your face! Now you're differeeeeent.

The last style is supppperrrr easy. Just start braiding your hair where the thickest side of your part is then bring it over to the other side of your head and pin it. Hide the pin with hair! Again, this is great to get the hair out of your face for the day!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Everyday Summer Makeup!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!
Just as much as I hate doing my hair in this heat-- I hate caking on makeup.
It just gets way to sweaty and hot with tons of makeup on during the day. Most days I honestly usually just say F makeup. Because aint nobody want to have on a full face of makeup on at the pool, or just in general with this heat. I know you all are probably thinking, "You're from New York, it could be worse." But listen, it's hot for me. Especially because it's been hot AND rainy lately. Muggy is the best weather for  a perfect contour and extravagant smokey eye. The things I would rather do.... Some days though I do want to look somewhat done up and put together, so I put together an everyday makeup look! I hope you love it! 


First, you always want to moisturize and use SPF. This is a must!

Then, I used Mac Face and Body.. This is perfect for Summer! It is sooooo thin, but can be built up to medium or full coverage for night. Buff this all over the skin. I wouldn't use a beauty blender with this foundation because its water based! My favorite thing about this foundation is you don't feel it. Ever.

For Bronzer, I stuck with a mousse, rather than a powder. I used Soleil Tan De Chanel. This really just gives you that bronze look without feeling like you have tons on your face.

After your done with all your liquids, set everything. This is a huge step for Summer unless your makeup is going to run down your face and you are going to look like the greasiest of all the balls.

For blush, I used Macs Melba and for highlight Soft & Gentle. I like Melba because it is so natural and the highlighter looks so natural! Put this right above your cheekbone and sweep above right where your arch of your brow is. AND BAM! You will look like a bronze, dewy goodess. Because who doesn't want that?!

To open your eyes a bit, take a nude eyeliner in your waterline and a white shimmery color right in your tear ducts. This will make you look wide awake even if you were out all night! Then, apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

To finish the look off, I used Mac Lipglass in Razzle Dazzler, first because who doesn't love a peach lip for Summer and second because cmon Razzle Dazzler. I think I would use it for the name even if it was brown. Its just so catchy!

And thats your finished makeup look! Perfect for Everyday and sooooooo beautiful!
Let me know what your favorite makeup for Summer is in the comments..
Sorry if these products were a little pricy-- BUT look out for a more budget friendly Summer Nightlook coming so soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#noheatsummer Tips and Tricks to rock what the good lord gave ya!

A lot of people have been thinking I am nuts with this #noheatsummer stunt.
I keep getting, "I could never just walk outside with my natural hair." or "You don't understand I have crazy hair." I even had a girl tell me that she straightens her hair 3 times a day! That is nuts! I honestly get it girls. All you need is to embrace it and you will learn how to rock your natural hair. Think of it as when you learned how to straighten your hair. I know all you of you didn't wake up one morning and learned how to curl and straighten your hair perfect. In middle school, I thought it was ok just to straighten the top of my hair. Then the bottom was all kinky. I thought none would notice... They did... My sisters used to straighten their hair on an ironing board. With an iron. Not kidding. I remember it was probably high school and I finally learned how to section my hair when I straightened it, then I got the 'Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum' and my straightened hair looked boss... I know all of you went threw this. You just have to give it time and learn what works with your hair. Not all hair is the same I know that! I wish I could honestly go to every single readers house and be like, "Hey, you use this" or "NO do not touch that to your hair!!" Hahah. But unfortunately, that isn't realistic. So imma write a blogpost;)

-Do not mess with your hair. I know this seems inevitable but don't touch it. The more you touch it the more frizzy it gets.

-Keep a wide toothed comb in the shower. Once you have conditioner on, comb it. Then rinse it out. This will help like I said in the previous post, to not touch it or mess with it!

-Towels can be too rough. Take an old t shirt and dry your hair with it. This will help with frizz and my curly girls to help preserve ya curl!

-Embrace the messiness. Messy hair is the best hair. Use a sea salt spray. That will make your hair smell and look like you just got back from the beach. I have a post about it here! If you aren't about that DIY life, I really love Lushs Sea Salt Spray. Its amazzzin.

-DO NOT PUT THAT HARD CRUSTY GEL ON YOUR HEAD. Scrunching is out. So stop doing it. Never use a 'Hard' gel with hairspray and think your hair is going to look good. Its not. It could take someone out tho if you whipped your head around. For my curl girls, use a cream curling gel. This will make your curls more soft.

-What I do sometimes is after I put product in it while its still wet, I twist pieces of my hair and let it be till its dry. Then, finger comb it. Most of the time you don't even have to finger comb it, the hair will just fall. But, this helps for my straighter hair girls for a little bit a sum thin'.

-Use a leave in conditioner on your ends, or an oil. A lot of time when I let my natural hair run free it looks dry. So to help with that, give it some moisture! This will help with frizz as well!

If you want to read up more on frizz and products that actually work check out this posts herehere and here. All of these posts will help you so check it outttt!

But honestly, practice makes perfect. Only you know your hair. You have to do it everyday. So just play around! See what works for you!

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