Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Must Haves!

Monday morning, rain is fallin'.
Steal some covers, share some skin.

Or in my case, I wish, Netflix.
Today is a gloomy day in New York and the last thing I wanted to be doing was.... Working.
But, ya know, money is cool and all. But so isnt Netflix and Heluva Good.
I hate Mondays.. and the rain...... and the cold..... and working.....
So, I got to thinkin' what would be better on this crappy day then to make a post about my Monday MUST Haves! These are going to be my must haves from Beauty to Books to Movies to anything I really feel like.
Ya picking up what im putting down?!?

My first must have is, Mac Angel! It is like theeee perfect lipstick.. Not kidding. If you love a good pinky nude (which ya should) this is for you. I wear it legitametly probabaly everyday. I just switch out the glosses or layer lipsticks on top and it transforms to anything. It always looks different. But, even on its own its the

Second has been my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette!
UGHHHHHHHHHHHH TO DIE FOR. If you dont contour, actually don't have this palette, I feel bad for you. So, its $40 for 6 different shades, 3 bronzers, 3 highlights.. In all honesty that is an amazing price. It gives you the exact look all the celebs are doing but at home! I could never get that yellow under eye Kim K has going on until I got this. You need it in your life. BTW-- Would you guys like to see an updated Contour tutorial?!?! Let me know in the commments!

#GirlBoss is my life. Written in a book. Except I was never homeless, or stole books and put them on Ebay. But other than that the writter, Sofia, Owner of NastyGal, is my alter ego.. It is such a fun book but really kicks your ass to get you moving in life. It made me reevaluate alot of things. But mostly that I just want to be her. This would be in my pic, but this one broad is borrowing it. (Youre welcome, Sam)

My Lorac Pro2 Palette. I cannot even put into words my love for the first. But, now the second?!? It is all the shadows I would wear everyday put into a palette. The clouds spread, a Will Ferrell type of god came down (If you havent seen the movie Superstar, I hate you) and said 'Here you are Emily, youre welcome.' Nectar and Cool Grey, I literally use every single day. Again, I know you all think I am crazy spending $42 on makeup but listen, there is 16 shades. 16 perfect shades. Lets say you are in rite aid, you seen an eyeshadow you love and its $5! Im sure most of you think thats a steal. But, even lets say its $3. If you buy 16 of them first of all, you will never get the use out of it like this palette, it will be chalky, it wont look as good, stay as long, etc. And 16 or $5 is $80. 16 for $3 is $48. Youre welcome:)

I cant find my exact ones on the website but these will work. They are sooo similar to mine just a bit different. I was about to say UGH again, but I will refrain. They are so comfy but so cute. Who can say anymore?! And not even that, but they go with everything!

Ardell False Lashes are my makeup weapon of choice. If you are feelin bad about yourself on some off day, maybe even today with this depressing rain, pop on these lashes no joke. You will feel like theeee boss. Not just a boss, but theeeeee definition of theeee boss. Your makeup just will look so much better like you tried so much harder. When ya really didnt. The demi-whispies are my favoriteeeee!

Last, but not least, is my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in radiant magenta. You legit cannot live without this. It makes you look like your lit from within. Like, HELLLOOOOOO, who doesnt want that?!!? I know I do...

What are your Monday Favorites?!?
But, more importantly, what are you doing on this sad, Monday?
Maybe a trip to Sephora would help your Monday Blues with all of these cool new recommendations!
Or just go home, eat some Lemonheads and watch Gossip Girl.
Whatever you doing, have a good day guys-- Talk to you Soon :)

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  1. An updated contouring vid would be super cool! And I have been looking for an awesome eyeshadow palate to invest in, think this might be the one!


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