Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Contour like a BOSS!

This is my girl Kim K... As you all know I'm obsessed but we can save that to talk about for a different day.... She has the perfect cheekbones, the tiniest nose, the best jawline....... Are you not so jealous?!? Well, I have got great news for you.. You can have it too! Noooooo I'm not talking plastic surgery.. With makeup! Its called contouring and highlighting! For all of us that weren't born with those perfect features this is for you... Contouring is when you take darker colors to create a shadow to take away the look of an imperfection you might want to cover up and you highlight the places of your face you really want to stand out! I can swear on Lolas life everyone in the magazines, red carpet anything are not so perfect-- they use this technique! 

1. First use your favorite foundation with your beauty blender!
2. CONTOUR with any matte bronzer with NO shimmer whatsoever under your cheek bones, around the forehead, down your nose and your jawline with your angled brush.
3. HIGHLIGHT with any concealer a few shades lighter than your regular color down the bridge of your nose all the way up your forehead in a tree motion, under your eyes to brighten them up, underneath the contour of your cheek bones and your chin, below the brow and inner corner of the eye and upper lip to make it pouty!
------At this point if you look like a clown you're doing it right------
4. Blend it all out with your stippling brush and beauty blender.. Blend, blend, blend.. If you think its done, blend more. This may seem like to much but if you do not blend it will look crazyyyy.
5. Apply blush right above the contour then use your stippling brush to blend it all out with the contour.
6. Above your blush use a highlighter with a very light hand above your blush with your stippling brush and right in your cupids bow with your fingers. This will give you the dewey look Kim has.
7. Apply a translucent powder all over the face to set all the hard work you just did.
8. Finish your makeup and your good to go :)

So in more detail:
If you have a bigger nose than you would like use the matte bronzer and really concentrate in straight lines very close to the bridge and highlight very minimal.

A bigger forehead you would bronze way more down the forehead and minimal highlighting. 

If you have a big chin or a double chin really focus the bronzer on the jaw line and up more up the chin then not much highlighting..

For people that have a circular/round face to make it more oval bronze all the perimeter of your face.

If you are more of a get up and go kinda gal I understand this may seem like a lot of work and I totally get it... It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice! This may not make any sense to you but once you try it on your self you will see such a difference... If you have any questions on how to do it on your face let me know in the comments or find me on social media :)


  1. Do you put foundation on before or after you highlight?

  2. Before! Foundation, highlight (concealer), then set everything with a translucent powder... Then contour, blush then highlight your tops of the cheek bones up to top of your arch on your brow!


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