Sunday, August 10, 2014


I'm sure if you're an avid reader of my blog you would know,

Sam Holden is one of my partners in crime and does all my photography for my blog..
Like she couldn't get much cooler, Sam and her boyfriend, Dan Osborn, alsooooo have an Etsy shop that they redo all old vintage clothes and alter them and hand sew all the patterns, tie die etc... They also make badass shirts, sell jewelry, pillows, cups... Like they are no joke. All of their designs they photoshop them and get them professionally heat transferred. Like who really comes up with 'homie' in Chinese to slap on a shirt? Oh, Sam and Dan... But, thats why I like them so much. Hahahhahahaha, they are the bees knees. I want everyyyyyyyything. Not kidding. If you're into the urban, grunge, but not grunge, reeeeeal trendy kinda look, this is right up your alley. SO, I thought whyyyy not show you my favorites since I've been obsessing hardcore.

Tell me you're as obsessed as I am...... My favorite part of all of it is the attention to detail. Like cmon highwaisted shorts with cats on you're behind?! ALSO, right now they are giving away FREE SHIPPING with all orders over $50 AND button rings! (while supplies last) Go check out their etsy shop! 

Black Velvet Coutures Insta: @black_velvet_couture
Dans: @sumthinnameddan
Sams: @samm_holden

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