Sunday, June 22, 2014


The number one most asked question I get is 'How do I get my hair to grow?'
Well ladies, as much as I would love to be a magician (I think its better for man kind that) I am not. There is no magical way for your hair to grow. Every person is different. All hair grows at different rates. But, the one thing that is always true for long locks is in order for your hair to grow, you have to take good care of it. End of story.
I know you probably are like no way thats not true, but it is.
If you have unhealthy hair and split ends, your hair sure can get long, but it will just keep splitting.
Over the years, heat has been a huge issue with damaged hair..... You girls straightening your hair everyday aren't doing your hair any favors. I know you may think, I could never just jump out of the shower and have perfect hair.. But, you can.

To keep your hair healthy, and help it grow and since Summer is the perfect time I came up with a little game we could all play...........
I bet you, you can not go all summer without using any heat products.
That means, no straighteners, no blow dryers, no curling irons. Just let your natural hair breathe for a bit and your hair will grow. All of July and August until September 1, vow to take good care of your hair & during these months, I will show you different styles to use without heat, what products to help enhance your out of the shower locks, and some DIY masks to help with the summer heat!
I will be helping you find out that natural hair is cool too! Your hair will thank you;)

So day 1!
Starting tomorrow...
Who's with me?!?!?
Use the hashtag #noheatsummer !! Show me your natural locks! I would love to see 8)

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