Monday, January 27, 2014


You all may be thinking why is this girl with a pixie cut talking about growing long hair? Ok gooooooooooooood one guys! But, I did used to have long locks and I am a hairdresser. I literally have to cut my hair every two- three weeks just to keep up with my pixie cut because it grows so fast. I'll give you guys an inside scoop to my top secret tips that I used to grow my own hair and that I tell my clients! You're welcome, no prob:)

First thing to growing your hair honestly, is keeping your hair as healthy as possible. Think I'm joking? What over processed bleach blonde who naturally has jet black hair do you see with hair down to her butt? None. It is not humanly possible. In order for anything to grow you have to take care of it. That is the main root to girls problems. Love your hair and your hair will love you back.

So you ask how do I get healthy hair?

Skip washes. By skipping washing you let your hair breathe from you stripping its natural oils. Hair can get overly dry if you wash to much. If you have to--only use conditioner. I know its hard but all i can say is DRY SHAMPOO!

Try not to use heat! Heat fryyyyys hair! For a long time I embraced my natural hair and my hair literally grew like a weed. If you have to blow dry/straighten/curl use heat protectant no matter what!

Use good quality products and DONT USE BOX COLOR. Thats all I can say. Use pert plus on your hair with some nice Garnier Fruitis Ash Brown and I promise you your hair might be long but not in the long run. Go to a salon spend the money to use professional color. Paul Mitchells color (Vitality carries this) is made with tons of bees wax to really condition the hair as you color your locks. Try sooo hard not to use harsh chemicals.

Get the gunk out! Use a clarifying shampoo with a good deep conditioner once a week. Honestly by letting that product sit on your hair it is doing no good except weighing down your pretty hairs!

Honestly get trims. People might say this is a myth. But sorry, its true. You're hair literally doesn't grow from the root longer but it makes the ends look fuller and longer. When you have split ends they keep splitting up the shaft the longer you go without cutting them-- making your hair look stringy at the ends. In order to have healthy hair you need to get trims. In order to get long hair your hair needs to be healthy. Thats all I need to say. GET YOUR TRIMS BABES!

Take your vitamins, don't eat junk and drink water. You eat mcdonalds everyday and you'll see it on your face and hair. Its scientifically proven!

One time I watched Tyra and let me believe you I believe everything Tyra says-- and she said she would massage her hair to stimulate the growth in the shower when shampooing and honestly that works. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT TYRA IS RIGHT AGAIN! When you wash your face to get the makeup off you scrub you just don't run it under water right? Exactly, so go right now and massage your scalp!

AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS guuuurl, Bellami has your back. Go get some sweet extensions and call it a day. Honestly, extensions have came such a long way. Maybe I'll write a post about this soon? If you all are interested?

I hope this works for all you ladies!!! This isn't an overnight thing! It takes work, but I promise if you do all of these you will see results:) Do you guys have any tips to making your hair grow? I would love to hear!

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