Sunday, July 13, 2014

Everyday Summer Makeup!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everyone!
Just as much as I hate doing my hair in this heat-- I hate caking on makeup.
It just gets way to sweaty and hot with tons of makeup on during the day. Most days I honestly usually just say F makeup. Because aint nobody want to have on a full face of makeup on at the pool, or just in general with this heat. I know you all are probably thinking, "You're from New York, it could be worse." But listen, it's hot for me. Especially because it's been hot AND rainy lately. Muggy is the best weather for  a perfect contour and extravagant smokey eye. The things I would rather do.... Some days though I do want to look somewhat done up and put together, so I put together an everyday makeup look! I hope you love it! 


First, you always want to moisturize and use SPF. This is a must!

Then, I used Mac Face and Body.. This is perfect for Summer! It is sooooo thin, but can be built up to medium or full coverage for night. Buff this all over the skin. I wouldn't use a beauty blender with this foundation because its water based! My favorite thing about this foundation is you don't feel it. Ever.

For Bronzer, I stuck with a mousse, rather than a powder. I used Soleil Tan De Chanel. This really just gives you that bronze look without feeling like you have tons on your face.

After your done with all your liquids, set everything. This is a huge step for Summer unless your makeup is going to run down your face and you are going to look like the greasiest of all the balls.

For blush, I used Macs Melba and for highlight Soft & Gentle. I like Melba because it is so natural and the highlighter looks so natural! Put this right above your cheekbone and sweep above right where your arch of your brow is. AND BAM! You will look like a bronze, dewy goodess. Because who doesn't want that?!

To open your eyes a bit, take a nude eyeliner in your waterline and a white shimmery color right in your tear ducts. This will make you look wide awake even if you were out all night! Then, apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

To finish the look off, I used Mac Lipglass in Razzle Dazzler, first because who doesn't love a peach lip for Summer and second because cmon Razzle Dazzler. I think I would use it for the name even if it was brown. Its just so catchy!

And thats your finished makeup look! Perfect for Everyday and sooooooo beautiful!
Let me know what your favorite makeup for Summer is in the comments..
Sorry if these products were a little pricy-- BUT look out for a more budget friendly Summer Nightlook coming so soon!

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