Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get the Look: Miranda Kerr ♥

Hi ladies! Who doesnt lust over those models every single year when the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show comes on? Their makeup and hair is always spot on-- I always watch it and try to do Mirandas look, then Candices until I master them. So, whilst googling Victoria Secret makeup I found this picture of Miranda and wanted to recreate it for all of you! Its pretty out there but you could totally recreate this look for everyday.

Lorac Pro Palette
A business card
NYX Matte Pure Red Lipstick
Covergirl Plum Plush Blush

1) Start with the eyes first. Before any face products. Just so you don't get any fall out under the eyes and prime the eyes with your favorite primer. I used Macs Soft Ochre.

2) Then I took the color Cream on a flat shader brush and patted the cream all over the lid. Then, with a blending brush I used windshield wiper motions and applied Taupe. With eyeshadows you always want to start light and build up the color. Then blend it all out with a clean brush. This tutorial is alllll about blending so BLEND IT SISTER!

3) Then with a business card I angled it up from my lower lash line and applied Sable over where I just put Taupe. Then, blend. After that still keeping the business card angled take Espresso with a blending brush and concentrate that in the outer v. Take it right almost to the end of your brow. You might think you look nuts but it will look awesome. Then, blend blend blend. 

4) Take off the business card and blend everything together. Be careful around the outer v. Lastly, I took Taupe again and blended out the crease to make sure there wasn't any hard lines. 

5) Afterwards, I took Espresso with a flat shader brush and focused that on my lower lash line to really smoke out the look. Then guess what! I blended that! :) After all of that I took White and put that in her inner corner and right above the brow. Use mascara and your all finished!

Now that I am done with the eyes, I cleaned up any fall out. Then, used any foundation, contoured and highlighted and filled in her brows. I used Covergirls Plum Plush for the blush because it gives a great flush to her skin and compliments her contour. I highlighted using Macs Soft and Gentle and applied her lipstick. Then VOILA! Miranda Kerr! 

Heres a tip! To get Victoria Secret Hair: 
Use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Curl the hair away from the face. Don't touch any of the pieces until the very end. This way it gives them time to cool. Leave the front pieces out. With the front ones, curl them back on top of your head, take the iron out and wrap it around a hairspray can to let cool. This will give the swoopy effect that the girls have! Run your fingers through your hair and hairspray and you're all set!

Whats your favorite Victoria Secret Look! Let me know:)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to get BOMB.COM eyebrows!

I have an obsession. Its kinda a crazy one. Not as crazy as my Pinterest obsession but, pretty bad. I have a tendency to stare at peoples brows............. Not kidding. I want to fill in every single persons brows I meet. Is that awful of me?! Its kinda like when people are addicted to popping peoples pimples. Mine is just not so nasty:) 

Brows are just so important. I don't think many people realize this. It brings the entire face all together. If you have a full face of makeup on and some sparse brows it just looks a bit awkward. Filling in your brows really gives your eyes a lift without any surgery! Also, it is statistically proven that thicker eyebrows make you look younger as well.. WHO KNEW?! Over plucked eyebrows are out ladies--Throw out them tweezers and buy yourself some brow powder! I promise its easy, anyone could do it.

Brow Powder/Gel
Eyebrow Shaper
Clear Brow Gel
Brow Scissors
Angled brush/Spooly

First things first start off and comb through your brows. If you have any long, unruly hairs make sure to comb them up and trim them with the scissors. This is always my favorite part. It really helps the shape of your brows. Then, use the eyebrow wax just to make sure all your hairs stay put. Its a great base for the product to stick to as well. 

1) By starting at the arch take the gel side of your kit and start carving out that side with the angled brush. Always go with the direction of your hair and use little hairlike strokes. As you can tell in the first picture I don't touch anything in the front 1/3 of the brow at this point. Really concentrate on just outlining the arch and filing it in very precisely.

2) In the second picture still using the gel I first outlined the rest of the hairs except the front baby ones. Then I went in and really went with the hair growth with a very fine hand. 

3) Then I took the powder and started with the baby hairs near the front of the brow and took my angled brush vertically start flicking the brush up imitating those hairs that normally would be there. You never want it to be to harsh.

4) Lastly, use the spooly end of your brush and brush your brows really making sure theres no hard lines. This is the key point! After that you will have awesome brows and get loads of compliments. I PROMISE!

I hope this helped you! Whats your favorite brow product? Let me know in the comments below... Don't forget to also follow me on Instagram to see previews of my blogs! flowersinemilyshair :)
Cya soon girls ♥  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to fix the most annoying: Static, Frizz & Flyaways!

Hiiilooooo! I went to Twitter, Instagram & Facebook this week and asked what they would like to see on my blog next.. Most people said how to deal with static, frizz and flyaways! I know I have that problem. Nothing ruins the best 'do when you just can't tame the frizz. Staticy hair always happens with winter. The dry air ruins everything. I'm telling you. Frizz can happen the total opposite time-- when its hot and humid. But, some girls always have these problems all year round. Does this happen to you? If so keep on readin' to find out how to beat these annoying hair probs!

Also if you have staticy hair use a vent brush & stay away from balloons hehehe! Skipping washes could help as well.. Washing your hair all the time dries it out which is the corporate to static in the hair. I hope these tips helped! Let me know:) See you tomorrow with another post! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

How I Cleared My Acne Quick!

Alright guys so this is a sensitive subject for most girls and that is ACNE! I thought I was blessed with gods gift to the earth skin that never got a break out ever and I bragged all the time about how perfect my skin was... Then it hit me like a box of rocks and I started breaking out all the time. It was literally the weirdest thing ever. I never had acne before so I had no idea what in the world to do. It started around last July and now it is finally coming to an end (except my time of the month pimple) I HOPE! So, I will show you what helped for my skin and I hope it helps you as well! Lesson learned: Don't brag about anything because it will come back and bite you really hard!

The first thing that is the best thing since sliced bread: MY CLARISONIC!
Ok, I know its pricy. But honestly, I wanted it for so long and never could justify paying that much for a little thing to wash my face. I am not kidding you go spend all your money now! It is that important! It is waterproof so I use it in the shower and my Mia 2 has two options. For everyday use, then the more intensive days where you just need a little extra umph. You can use it with any cleanser and I use Boscias' cleansing gel. I love this because I have combo skin. I have a lot of dry patches but I'm acne prone. Its odd. This gel literally never dries me out which I love! The worst feeling is after you wash your face and its soooo tight-- It doesn't happen with this one! It is the bees knees.

After I use my clarisonic, I use my Lushs' Tea Tree Water Toner and spritz that all over my face wait a few minutes and I moisturize with Ultra Repair Cream- Intensive Therapy. Just because this winter has been awful!!!! Once spring comes back I will probably switch to something lightweight. But, this moisturizer is awesome if you have dry skin. Then thats it! Honestly, if you take care of your skin, your skin will thank you. I promise!

When I do get breakouts, this really probably sounds so crazy. But I don't like that whole toothpaste thing. It never worked for me. So I use hydrogen peroxide :x I use a cotton ball and apply it right onto the pimple and the next morning I swear to you, that your pimple will be way smaller. I promise. If you're not into putting that onto your face thats ok, I really like Lushs' Grease Lightening a lot too! I don't think its as effective but it is awesome! Its a gel like consistency and you just apply it to the breakout.. Wake up and its a baby pimple :)

Lastly, the most amazing part second to my clarisonic, is Glam Glows Supermud Clearing Treatment. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHkhdaflkjsfhsdfdhkajfdslfjkhlhfa. The best. Hands down I am obsessed. It is pricy again, but like I am saying I would invest in them. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose and chin and this literally pulls them out I am not kidding. If you have a weak stomach exit this blog because this is disgusting!

Those little dots are literally my black heads making their way out. Its gross but its also neat. My skin feels so good after this! I only put it where I need it so, my T zone and any pimples I have at the time.  

I really hope this works for you! Honestly, acne is tough. You just really have to test out different products and find what really works for YOU! I also have some great secrets on how to conceal acne and acne scars as well. Let me know if you would like to see that in the comments! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Hi girlfriends-- So I need YOUR advice! The latest fall/winter trend has been a dark lip.. Very vampy  with a pretty basic eye-- Dark lips used to be only for punk rock type of looks but now its all over celebrities. Its very pretty! What are you thinking about this trend? Do you love it? or Leave it? Let me know in the comments below. Would you wear it?

What I used:
A black NYX jumbo eyeliner
Revlon Lipstick in Black Cherry
Urban Decay Lip Liner in Ozone

First I lined her lips with my Black NYX eyeliner and faded it in half way into the lip and blended it all with my ring finger so there was no harsh lines. Then I applied the lip stick and again blended it with my finger. Lastly, I applied Urban Decays clear liner all around the outside of the lip line to really lock in that color to make sure there is no feathering-- and BAM a dark vampy lip!

Again let me know what you think! Would you wear this for a night out? Or is it too much? If you recreate this look tag me on instagram @flowersinemilyshair  ♥ Talk to you girls soon!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As you probably saw in my last post.. I am ITCHIN' for Spring. When I say I'm itching I am dying.... Literally-- Because all I want is warm weather and tonight there is supposed to be 12 to 16 inches of snow. FML! So while it is blizzarding outside for all I know (my shades are closed) I am thinking about makeup and hair for Spring and trying to beat this stupid Flappy Bird game. I mean, a girl can dream right? I mean for Flappy Bird because everyone knows I can never get past 10 -_- But, for Spring too :)

Heres what I used above to get this awesome flawless spring look!
Makeup Forever HD Foundation, NYC Sunny Bronzer, Benefit Brow Zing- Brunette, Benefit Sun Beam, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish- Soft and Gentle, Maybelline Bouncy Blush- Plum Wine, Naked Basics Palette, Stila Eyeshadow- Kitten, Anasatasia Dual Ended Highlighter, NYX Wonder Pencil, NYX Black Liner, Two Faced Lash Injection, Mac Creme D'Nude, NYX Creme Brûlée

1) I used a damp beauty blender to apply her foundation.
2) I used my bronzer with a big fluffy brush to contour and really warm up the areas of the face that normally the sun would hit. I used a fluffy brush because I wanted it to look very natural.
3) Next, I took a stippling brush and my bouncy blush and dabbed it on her cheekbones, on her nose, her temples, and her chin.. Really where if you got a sunburn thats where you would get it. With this look I really wanted her to look like she's been sun kissed even if its the middle of winter!
4) Then I took Sun Beam and applied it right above her cheekbones, her cupids bow and her chin.
5) I applied Kitten all over her lid.
6) I took my Naked Basics palette and started off with Naked 2 and put it all in her crease, then took Faint and really concentrated it to her outer v. Blend blend blend! We don't want any harsh lines!
7) I took my Highlighter and put it under the brow, in the inner corner of the eye and underneath the lash line. I took my NYX Wonder Pencil which is a nude liner and lined her waterline. Then I took my black liner and lined her upper waterline on the top lashes.
8) We put mascara on her lashes:)
ps. Don't forget to fill your brows!


9) I used Creme D'Nude all over her lips and topped it with Creme Brûlée.
10) Last but very not least, I grabbed Sun Beam again and put it right in the middle of the lip and the middle of the top lip and dabbed it with my ring finger really to make her lips look fuller and plump! Then you're done!!

Check out how to get beach hair as well! Then you will be all set! In the middle of a blizzard heheh:) 
What is all your favorite ways to cope in the middle of a snow storm? 
Comment Bellloooooow, Id love to hear it! 
Maybe soon I will actually want to do a Winter Look since you know it is in fact Winter---
Let me know if you all would like to see some dark lips for these cold groggy days!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Alright guys I have been on Pinterest again.... Go figure. All the spring looks has me itching for warmer weather---- and the beach! The next best thing from actually being there is Sea Salt Spray! I honestly used to think 'Why can't my hair look like this everyday?' every time I got back from the beach. I might just be nuts but I LOVE IT! So, I found this cool DIY and I thought I would share... You can have messy, gorgeous beach hair in seconds! Another plus is it is probably items you have just laying around your house.

So you will need an empty spray bottle, 1 teaspoon of Sea Salt, 2 tablespoons of your favorite Leave In Conditioner, a bit of light hold pomade like dime size, and a teaspoon of moroccan oil! Get a cup of hot water and shakeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm awful at any type of recipes and honestly if I can do it, you can do it. I promise there is no way this can turn out bad.. 

After you mixed this concoction spray it all over damp hair and scrunch it. Easy as that. You can either air dry or use a diffuser to make it quicker! It makes beautiful beach waves every time. Its great for the lazy girls out there like me:) If you are trying to grow your hair this is awesome because it is a no heat style that is so cute for everyday! The best thing is that it is not crunchy- EW. You should make it yourself and tag me on instagram in the picture:) My name is emilyaugustinex! Let me know how it goeeeeeeeees

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Most common beauty mistakes!

Hiiiiiiiii my friends! I thought today we can talk about my biggest pet peeves...... You know you are all getting to know me so I thought, WHY NOT! I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate when girls wear bronzer all over their face like its foundation. Im sorry I know its rude of me. BUT I HATE IT. Bronzer isn't meant to change the color of your skin girlfriend! So instead of thinking in my head why, why, why, why and why I thought, maybe I can help. Just maybe... Honestly, if I am offending anyone I am sorry it is just my opinion! I really think that makeup should never camouflage anything-- unless its a pimple. Makeup should enhance everything you already have goin' on. Girls, as much as I am a common offender, the duck face doesn't help either.

With my friend Sams help, I put together one side that is all COMMON mistakes us girls make when doing our makeup, then, how it should look to really flatter your features. What makeup should do!

Honestly, take a look at both of these. The right side looks so much better!

First things first, that BRONZER THOOOO! You can't.. You just can't have your face look muddy and not match your face. I see offenders of this crime allllll the time. Like I said earlier, bronzer isn't meant to make you darker.. It is supposed to bring sun to your face or to use as a shadow. 

The same thing goes to foundation. Really try to match it to your face. I understand girls I feel the same way "I want to be a little tanner so I will put on a little darker foundation noone will tell" But it is a huge difference I swear. Just put the same color foundation on and just use a tiny bit of bronzer it will look loads better!

Blush is meant to be natural as well.. I like to put it right above my contour color and stop right before the pupil of the eye. Find a color thats really good for your skin tone. Not to light or dark! Make sure you put it right above the contour because if not it really brings down your cheeks. If you put it in the right spot your cheek bones look massively high.

Highlight and contour! It really helps to bring life into your face. Highlight down the bridge of your nose, up like a tree to your forehead, above your cheekbones, your chin, your cupids bow and below your eyebrow!

Fill in those brows--- Arch those babies. In my opinion a good shaped brow brings the eye all together.

Eyeshadow really needs to have some dimension to it. You cannot just slop on a silver and walk out the door. Always use a base color, highlight and a crease color unless its going to look super flat! By having the winged liner it really expands the eye to make it look bigger!

Black eyeliner in the waterline really makes the eye so much smaller! Its so harsh for everyday as well. By using a nude in your waterline it really brightens up everything and looks 10x bigger. 

DONT CLUMP YOUR MASCARA! It honestly is not cute! Ever! I love mascara as much as the next person but really less is more. I think two coats is great and out the door. If you want more volume than two coats pop on some lashes.

Putting lip liner over your natural lip does not make your lips look bigger. Im sorry. But, you can use a lip plumper:)

Last but definitely not least just really make sure your neck and your face match.. If they don't, blend blend and blend!

I hope these beauty mishaps really helped you! Maybe even made you laugh a bit-- Let me know if you all have other beauty donts:)

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