Saturday, February 15, 2014

How to fix the most annoying: Static, Frizz & Flyaways!

Hiiilooooo! I went to Twitter, Instagram & Facebook this week and asked what they would like to see on my blog next.. Most people said how to deal with static, frizz and flyaways! I know I have that problem. Nothing ruins the best 'do when you just can't tame the frizz. Staticy hair always happens with winter. The dry air ruins everything. I'm telling you. Frizz can happen the total opposite time-- when its hot and humid. But, some girls always have these problems all year round. Does this happen to you? If so keep on readin' to find out how to beat these annoying hair probs!

Also if you have staticy hair use a vent brush & stay away from balloons hehehe! Skipping washes could help as well.. Washing your hair all the time dries it out which is the corporate to static in the hair. I hope these tips helped! Let me know:) See you tomorrow with another post! 

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