Sunday, December 29, 2013

5 Products That Really Do What They Claim!

I don't know about all of you... But, I am super gullible. Anything anyone says I immediately believe. Its honestly ridiculous, I know. Someone could tell me that Obama just jumped off a cliff and I would honestly believe it. So with that said, reading the back of hair products I automatically believe every claim it says and buy it. I'm always like "Cool, this will magically get rid of my split ends!" Girls, nothing can get rid of your split ends lets just get that straight right now... Except a haircut. Sorry to ruin all of your days---from someone who bought every single product out there to try, nothing is going to take two hairs and seal it back into one. It doesn't work like that unfortunately.. I just hate it when products lie to me at the end of the day. I thought I would dedicate a post to all of the products I have tried and all the claims do actually work and your hair will thank you:)

Disclaimer: All of these products are pretty pricy but I learned in beauty school-- You can't wash a Maserati with Dawn Dish Soap! You get out of your hair what you put into it.. 

1) Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask--- You can get this from Ulta... It is $33! 

It claims:
"Macadamia Deep Repair Masque is a revitalizing hair reconstructor for dry, damaged hair. A combination of macadamia oil and argon oil along with tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae extracts rejuvenate and rebuild the hair, leaving the hair deeply nourished for improved elasticity and shine with long-lasting conditioning benefits"-- per Ultas site

Honestly, I believe every single thing... I use it religiously and my big tub of it has lasted me a year. When I had super long hair my hair was always so gross, just like straw from coloring it so much and what not.. So once a week I would apply this product, use a wide tooth comb to comb through and keep it on for five minutes and wash it out. Sometimes if my hair was so bad I would keep it on overnight and put a shower cap on and boy did my hair love me...

2) Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two-- You can get this from ME at Vitality!

It claims:
"Basics: Deeply cleanses oily hair and scalps.
Benefits: Leaves hair fresh, shiny and full of body.
Bonus: Minimizes oil production so hair becomes less oily over time.
Details: Wheat-derived conditioners boost body and shine. 
Fresh lemon fragrance. 
Color-safe formula"
-Per Paul Mitchell Website

Yet again I believe all of this... I use this again once a week before my Macadamia conditioner to get rid of buildup in my hair and honestly it makes the world of a difference.. I have theee worst oily scalp as you read here so it honestly helped me sooo much. For someone who doesn't use a lot of product in their hair I would use this maybe once a month. It could be a little harsh on the hair if used to often. 

3) Its a 10! Miracle Leave In Product-- You can get this from your hairdresser or Birchbox for $20

It claims:
Does 10 Things INSTANTLY!
1) Repairs Dry, Damaged Hair 2) Adds Shine 3) Detangles 4) Controls Frizz 5) Seals and Protects Hair Color 6) Prevents Split Ends 7) Stops Hair Breakage 8) Creates Silkiness 9) Enhances Natural Body 10) Thermal Protector -Per the back of my bottle ;)

Soooooo basically how about I just say it how it is--- I wouldn't be caught dead without this product. I literally have 3 bottles in my closet right now. If you think I am kidding.... I'm not. This is my holy grail and I honestly think it was the reason my hair got as long as it did (aka last year) This just really sped it up and made my hair feel healthy. Its honestly odd but I swear its like gold in a bottle. 

4) Redken Quick Tease-- You can get this from Ulta for $18

It claims:
"The patented spray technology offers three benefits in one bottle! Mist allows it to instantly create volumizing and texturized results while maintaining a long-lasting matte finish and hold." -Ultas site

I believe it.. My hair sucks at teasing but if you put this bad boy in right before you tease it will be huge and last all day long... I even used to use it just to funk up the rest of my hair a bit to add some grit and texture! Its one of those products at least to me that you would never know it really works until you get it and are amazed. I am obsessed!

5) Sea Salt Spray-- You can get this from Lush for $12.95

It claims:
"Our sea salt, sea water and seaweed spritz holds hair in place, adds shine and gives body for a beach-beautiful look. A gorgeous orange flower, grapefruit, neroli and rosewood blend perfumes the spray. It smells so divine, we've been spritzing it in our hair just to smell the fragrance! Use anytime you want to refresh, re-style or add some volume, texture and shine."

I don't even need to say anything because they just said it all.............. You look and smell just like you have been at the beach all day. Thats my favvvvvve look! Yet again, wouldn't be caught dead without this.

Sorry this blog was so long guys!! But let me know in the comments below what your favorite hair products are-- As you can probably tell I love trying new things! :) Cya lata!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Get the Look: Selena Gomez Makeup

Hellloooo Girlfriends--- I'm sorry I have been a bit MIA! The holidays have been crazy for me! But IM BACK:) How was everyones Christmas?!?!? So I was thinking this Selena hair and makeup would be awesome for NYE & I wanted to get it up before then but! I plan to do some more New Years Eve looks so keep your eyes peeled and let me know if you all like these 'Celeb Get the Look' Blogs in the comments... Here goes nothin!

Your Favorite Foundation
Your fave Mascara

1) First things first I used a foundation with my beauty blender for an 'airbrushed' effect. Then I filled in her brows with Anastasia Brow Duo and contoured&highlighted her face (I will have a tutorial on that coming soon) with NYC Sunny Bronzer and Nars Concealer and used the NYX Blush--  Dusty Rose.

2) On to the eyes!

- First with a flat shader brush I dusted 'Taupe' over her entire lid.

-Then I put 'Lt Bronze' on the center of the eye and really focused it right in the middle with the same brush.

-Put 'Sable' into her crease and outer corner with a big fluffy crease brush and made sure to blend out all the harsh lines with a clean brush.

-Mix 'Gold' and 'Champagne' and really concentrate on the inner tear duct and bring it down about half way on the lash line. Then, took just 'Champagne' and put that under the brow to really make the brow POP.

-To deepen the look I took 'Deep Purple' and concentrated it in the outer v of the eye and smudge it with a pencil brush underneath the bottom lash line to meet the color we did earlier. Then took 'Pewter' and blended everything out! 

3) Then lined her upper and lower water line with Nars Eyeliner and used Kat Von D Tattoo Liner to line the eye and winged it out! Then finish it off with your favorite mascara! 

4) Now to my favorite part I lined her lips with a red liner and used NYX Matte Lipstick first.. Then I put some Maybelline Whispers to gloss it up a bit and add some pink! 

Then you're all set with your Selena Hair and Makeup!!! This was soooo fun to recreate and I hope you all have fun trying it out as well :) Check out my instagram for updates on my blog!! EmilyAugustinex

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Get the Look: Selena Gomez Hair!

Hi Everyone!! I have a question-- Do you love Selena!??!?!?! Or at least her hair!? I do! All the girls in my chair always complain about not having texture, grit, meat and vegetables for their hair... If you catch my drift, so I thought I'd help everyone in 4 simple steps! This is a great style if you wanna funk it up for the holidays or New Years! Have fun with itttt; Messy hair is the best hair!

1. A curling wand-- 1/2 inch
2. Straightener
3. Redken Wool Shake (You can get here)
4. Teasing Comb
5. Hairspray

1. Taking little sections curl the hair away from the face with the curling wand making sure to keep the ends out.
2. Once curled the entire head, take pieces and start straightening them and curling random ends under.
3. Put head upside down and spray Wool Shake. Then, scrunch hair with your hands.. Mess it up! 
5. With your teasing comb start teasing random sections just to frizz it a bit.. Give it a little texture. 
6. Hairspray and your great to go! 

A big thank you to Sam for helpin' :) Keep a lookout for the makeup for this look! 
Comin shortly.....

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Product Doppelgängers: Splurge vs. Steal!

If you knew me you would know I'm kinda a bit obsessed with The Vampire Diaries.... Ok.... I'm really obsessed. All I do is work, watch The Vampire Diaries, eat, blog and sleep... That is all. So since I am waiting oh so patiently for the rest of the episodes to go on Hulu I thought I would make a doppelgänger post! (Everytime I pronounce it in my head I say it like Rebekah in a british accent i.e doppel-gangah.. Please say I'm not the only one!?) If you don't watch the show I'm sorry for ranting but a doppelgänger is a "paranormal double of a living person." In this case a product! Each one is a splurge than the other is a dupe for the product at a lower cost for my girls on a budget! 

The NYX Concealer Wand is a staple in my makeup collection. Its one of my all time favorite concealers to highlight with! I would say it has the same consistency as the Nars and they both have light reflecting particles and are very light weight! They both have medium to heavy coverage. I would honestly take my $5 and run to get the NYX Concealer because why waste the $28 when its almost the same product. 

I really do love Benefits mascara I must say... The Lash Blast I love overall but it can dry out after a bit I'm not going to lie but other than that it is a complete copy of the They're Real Mascara.. If you love long, long, long lashes on top and bottom with volume as well this is your mascara! 

I can't believe I'm going to say this but I actually like Loreals better! They are both a shimmer nude pink color and a great base to any shadow look you're trying to achieve! It is great for everyday but you can spice it up with a dark crease for night and its soooooo beautiful. With Kitten I feel like you get a lot of fall out and I never have that issue with the Iced Latte. Another plus is right now on you can get any Loreal products for Buy one, Get one for %50 and it says special gift with purchase woooooohoooo! Can't beat that!

4. Benefit Brow Zing-- $30.00 vs. Elf Brow Kit-- $3.00
Yet again I really love the Elf Brow Kit more but they are sooooo similar. I'm just being fussy. I am so weird about smells and the Brow Zing smells like plato and it just yerks me I don't know why hahahah. But, all in all they are both great products but the same. I don't feel like color wise I get any different look which I should paying $27 more! Also, with my brows I like to use a harder brush and the Brow Zings brush is very flimsy. So ELF ELF ELF! I always go back to that kit no matter what.

I hope this helped my ladies on a budget with Christmas right around the corner! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see some more doppelgangaaa products:) 

Ole Henriksen

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Which Naked is for Me?

With my last post you're probably getting a little overwhelmed I'm sure. So theres all these Nakeds but one normal sane person does not have to own ALL of them. Just crazy nut cases like me.. These palettes are just so convenient in so many different ways to just stick in your bag and run. If you are just starting out in makeup these are great over all just to have one and you will have different eye combos for dayyyyyz! On the other hand if you are more obsessed with makeup (I know how you feel) its just a great choice to add to your collection--with great color pay off these shadows are hard to beat and are also great everyday basics to mix with the rest of your makeup.

Naked 1:
My first baby: Naked. This palette ranges from light to dark shadows with 2 matte shades and 10 shimmery. Its perfect to achieve a great day to night look on the drop of the hat. It comes with a one sided brush and the primer potion (which is the best eye primer hands down) In my opinion I think that this palette looks the best on warmer skin tones just because so many of these shadows in this palette are so bronze goddess-esque.  My all time favorite shadows are in this: Sin & Sidecar. I love toasted as well. I literally could use those shadows for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.... Ok, maybe after a year or two....But, If you are into a more bronzed smokey eye this is your palette.

Naked 2:
Now Naked 2... Yet again there are 12 shadows ranging from light to dark with now 3 matte shades and 11 shimmery. They each share Half-Baked which is a gold shimmery color. These colors are more taupey almost like they have a gray undertone. Definitely a lot more cooler than the first one so it tends to go better with the cooler skin tones. My favorites in this one would have to be Tease, Verve and YDK. YDK takes the cake though. Naked 2 comes with a dual sided brush this time. One side is great for patting the color on and the other for blending. To finish your look, the palette also comes with a cute mini lip-gloss.

 Last but not least: Naked 3.. Theres 12 colors ranging from light to dark with 3 mattes, 6 shimmers and 2 glitters!! Naked 3 shares none of the same color with her sisters but now is more rose hued which is awesome for almost every skin tone! This one has a lot more mid-colors-- not too light or dark-- for me thats a huge plus! It also comes with a dual ended brush thats a little different from the Naked 2.. But one side is still flat while the other is for blending! I heard it comes with a primer but, I think I lost it :( 

I hope this helped you out a little more!! They have swatches of each palette on the Sephora website if you wanted to stop over there.. On a side note, can you believe its almost Christmas.... Ugh IM NOT READY!!!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Naked 3?

First, the Naked.... The best makeup pallete out there.... Then....... Naked 2 came out and then that was the absolute best...... THEN! NAKED 3! Go figure, its the!! I went into Sephora on my day off at 9pm and got my hands on this bad boy just so I can show all of you!!!

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how perfect is this!!!!!! Its the perfect rose, romantic colors and I am ub-sesssed! How amazing is the color 'Buzz' Can we all just sit and stare at its beauty for 10 seconds.... Blackheart is so unique too. The colors are just so different from all the other Nakeds its insane.  With these new matte shades its perfect for an everyday eyeshadow kit. You can go from really subtle to great smoky eye. 

Would you guys like some tutorials?!!!? Comment belowwwww!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Should I Buy? - Beauty Blender

Ok... So a lot of you might be asking what is this and NO I would not buy it! If you like natural looking makeup you should be all about this--- Its called a Beauty Blender! It is a makeup applicator that is a spongey material, one end is rounded while the other is more at a point. This is the perfect design because the rounded edge is for your foundation on most of your face while the pointed end is better for your concealer around your eyes, nose, and little crevices that rounded edge wouldn't fit into! I have been eyeing this for a bit but I have not wanted to make the purchase $19.99 for this little sponge.. I would rather use my brushes I already have! But I finally bit the bullet and bought it....... 

I just tried it anddddd I LOVE IT! It makes my skin so flawless and my foundation feels so much more light weight then just with a normal foundation brush. The blender is so easy to apply and covers my planets perfectly!

So heres how to use it..... 

 Firstttttt run the sponge under water for a few seconds.....

Then when it gets damp squeeze all the excess water out of the sponge.

 Voila! Ready to go!

When you apply the foundation put it on the back side of your hand then blot the Beauty Blender into the product then blot on to your face.. Do not use side to side motions always blot the skin with the sponge up and down! Around your eyes and nose again, use the small pointed side! Thats all there is to it! Perfect looking airbrushed foundation every single time! You'll never have caked on makeup again:) 

You can buy it at your nearest Sephora or at for $19.99! Its totally worth every penny!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for HER:)

Soooooooooo the holidays are here!!!!! I am not to sure that anyone is more excited than I am. This is my favorite time of the year! If you're a late shopper like me and usually go back and forth on what to get your friends and family this post is totally for you! These are some of my top picks that are easy on the pockets!

1) Bath and Body Works Candles!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH! I have a sick obsession I must say..... These candles are just the epitome of heaven and everyone loves a great smelling house. Need I say more??!?! Right now they are 2 for $22!!! The Mahogany Teakwood is definitely my favorite.

2) Naked Palette $50- I know, I know you all are saying its pretty pricy... But think you are getting 12 shadows for 50! Thats a great deal and personally I use this palette for everything all the time... Its an essential in any girls makeup collection! I know they have the 2nd and the 3rd just came out but, I honestly think the Naked1 is just the best if you have never tried them before for a big variety of great pigmented shadows.
3) NAIL POLISH! At Ulta as we speak they have Mariah Careys Holiday Edition nail set on sale for $6.95!! You cannot beat that... Anyone that knows anything about OPI knows that one bottle is just like 8 bucks... Non the less $6.95?!?!? Also--- these colors are pretty much to die for.

4) Perfume!! Every girl loves perfume but its SO hard to pick out one for someone when everyone smells are so different.. SEPHORA came to the rescue and made this kit with tons of different samples of different perfumes so they can test them all out and then bring in the certificate and get a full size one of whatever scent you liked the best! You also get a pretty sweet makeup bag too. How coooooooool. It is $65! There is also one for men:)

5) Real Technique Brushes! You can get these at Ulta for $17.99 for the face or eye brush kit! It is a great steal honestly for great quality brushes. I use these brushes every single day. They are my holy grail and for such a great price why not?? They are soooo soft and Ive had both of my kits for over a year and they still are like new.

Let me know what you are asking Mr. Claus for Christmas in the comments! I hope I helped a bit! You know I just love to end my blogs with my BFF Miranda so heres her Holiday Wishlist!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pixie Cuts: In or Out?!

This may or not be a surprise anymore but I cut off all my hairs everyone!!!!!!!!!

And after I did that..... I decided to go even shorter.....

In celebration of me chopping all my locks I thought I would do a blog about pixie cuts! Would you ever cut yours??? All the celebs right now are making the change! Its in!

Anne Hathaways pixie is to die for! She's so perfect no matter what.. She does the sleek pixie, to messy... And still always looks fab!

Then BEYONCE!!! I did not see that coming....

Jennifer Lawrences' pixie is one of my favorites!

Kristen Chenoweth cut her locks!

and lastly either you hate it or love it but MILEY!

You may not like her but her hair is sooooo perfect... If its not in pigtails on top of her head....

What are you guys thinking about the celebs making the change???! Is it a yay or nay??!??! Lets cut your locks!!!! It will beeee fuuuuuun! Live on the edge girlfriends make an appointment with me!

Sunday, December 1, 2013


Sooooooooo it's getting cold....................... I'm really not happy about the snow.... Or the cold...... Or having to be careful driving....... Or the cold....... Or having dry skin....... OR BEING COLD!!! But, in better news you can bundle up and be so cute! On the plus side you'll be warm;) I love being cozy so I do like winter for that at least......

I am obsessed with utility coats lately! This one from Forever 21 is sooooo adorable and just practical for the winter... The inside is lined with faux-fur so its super warm. With a off white knit hat and scarf I am ALL about it. Maybe this one from Tobi. PLUS--- Everything from Tobi is 50% off! 

This is again from Tobi but, its the epitome of cozy and a good steal! I could wear this every day of the week.. Its like if you were to wear a snuggie all day and get away with it... That'd be heaven....
I've been loving booties! You can wear skinny jeans and a huge sweater, slip these bad boys on and you look like you actually tried to dress up! I love those days... The heels are chunky so they are easy to walk in also... They are from H&M!

HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?!?!?!??! They are from Urban Outfitters! I love fingerless gloves but you get the best of both worlds with these... Flip the flap and their mittens!

I love leather and I love cardigans so this is the BOMB.COM! This is from Cotton On. If you guys have never heard of this site check it out.. Its so affordable with great staple pieces!

On a side note.. Im sorry I haven't been blogging lately I have been so busy with moving into a new apartment, the holidays and starting a new job! I will hopefully be doing them more often but to keep you entertained until then check this girl out LOL!

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