Monday, January 27, 2014


You all may be thinking why is this girl with a pixie cut talking about growing long hair? Ok gooooooooooooood one guys! But, I did used to have long locks and I am a hairdresser. I literally have to cut my hair every two- three weeks just to keep up with my pixie cut because it grows so fast. I'll give you guys an inside scoop to my top secret tips that I used to grow my own hair and that I tell my clients! You're welcome, no prob:)

First thing to growing your hair honestly, is keeping your hair as healthy as possible. Think I'm joking? What over processed bleach blonde who naturally has jet black hair do you see with hair down to her butt? None. It is not humanly possible. In order for anything to grow you have to take care of it. That is the main root to girls problems. Love your hair and your hair will love you back.

So you ask how do I get healthy hair?

Skip washes. By skipping washing you let your hair breathe from you stripping its natural oils. Hair can get overly dry if you wash to much. If you have to--only use conditioner. I know its hard but all i can say is DRY SHAMPOO!

Try not to use heat! Heat fryyyyys hair! For a long time I embraced my natural hair and my hair literally grew like a weed. If you have to blow dry/straighten/curl use heat protectant no matter what!

Use good quality products and DONT USE BOX COLOR. Thats all I can say. Use pert plus on your hair with some nice Garnier Fruitis Ash Brown and I promise you your hair might be long but not in the long run. Go to a salon spend the money to use professional color. Paul Mitchells color (Vitality carries this) is made with tons of bees wax to really condition the hair as you color your locks. Try sooo hard not to use harsh chemicals.

Get the gunk out! Use a clarifying shampoo with a good deep conditioner once a week. Honestly by letting that product sit on your hair it is doing no good except weighing down your pretty hairs!

Honestly get trims. People might say this is a myth. But sorry, its true. You're hair literally doesn't grow from the root longer but it makes the ends look fuller and longer. When you have split ends they keep splitting up the shaft the longer you go without cutting them-- making your hair look stringy at the ends. In order to have healthy hair you need to get trims. In order to get long hair your hair needs to be healthy. Thats all I need to say. GET YOUR TRIMS BABES!

Take your vitamins, don't eat junk and drink water. You eat mcdonalds everyday and you'll see it on your face and hair. Its scientifically proven!

One time I watched Tyra and let me believe you I believe everything Tyra says-- and she said she would massage her hair to stimulate the growth in the shower when shampooing and honestly that works. WHO WOULDA THOUGHT TYRA IS RIGHT AGAIN! When you wash your face to get the makeup off you scrub you just don't run it under water right? Exactly, so go right now and massage your scalp!

AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS guuuurl, Bellami has your back. Go get some sweet extensions and call it a day. Honestly, extensions have came such a long way. Maybe I'll write a post about this soon? If you all are interested?

I hope this works for all you ladies!!! This isn't an overnight thing! It takes work, but I promise if you do all of these you will see results:) Do you guys have any tips to making your hair grow? I would love to hear!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Helloooooo everyone! Most of you know, I am not a morning person and when I say I'm not... Like I really HATE mornings. I will do the least amount of effort so I can push snooze and sleep until I have no time to get ready. It happens every single morning. What can I say I like to sleep?? So over the years of me being a lazy bum I figured out good ways to be able to sleep long and look cute! Who woulda thought??!?! Dry Shampoo is a savior I am telling you.. Check out my post here.

So the first hairstyle is a cool braid. Its super simple to do.. You start out with day old hair.. In this case its curled but it could be straight.. Start braiding each part of your hair from your part to like two inches above your ear on each side. Secure it with a hair elastic. If you like to tease your hair I would do it now! Pull each piece of the braid out like in the picture, to make the braid fuller. Then, wrap one braid around your head and bobby pin it. Do the same with the other side but tuck the part thats sticking out under the other braid.  Then VOILA! Cute hair that looks like you spent all day. 

Next is a side bun! This is super cute all the time. I love buns... -_- I love hair buns. Its sooo easy. So you take all of your hair to one side of your head. Use a brush to really make sure its smooth but not to smooth. Then literally just bunch up all of your hair into a bun right behind your ear and it might take a few pony tails to get all the stray hairs exactly where you want but thats all you do! With some nice dangly earrings this would be so 'fetch' ;)

Lastly this is a really messy cute pony. First you put on a headband, any would be fine. Then tease your crown. Put it in a pony but make sure its loose. Then take pieces from the top of the pony and pull them to make sure its higher. Then tease the pony and you are set!

Send me some of you doing these looks on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! I would love to see it!! 
I hope this helps all my ladies get some more beauty rest;)

Friday, January 17, 2014

I bet you $10 you can have hair like Lana Del Rey.....

Elllooooo!! So yesterday was Lanas' makeup now today is HAIR! I love these loose effortless waves to dress up or to wear with a oversized t and skinny jeans. Its super versatile and honestly, everyone and their mother can do it. Who doesn't love a hairstyle that takes 10 minutes??? I do! If I had long hair again this would be my everyday look. But lets stop dreamin' cause I don't. 

A teasing brush
1 inch curling iron
Smoothing Serum

1) First things first, start off by taking hair in sections and teasing your hair. If you were born with naturally voluminous hair I hate you-- But you can skip this step ;)

2) Start curling your hair with a 1 inch curling iron all away from your face. 

3) By this step your hair looks like your Susy Q and I understand thats not cute but hold on! Have faith in me!

4) Brush through your hair with a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush.

5 and 6) Put some smoothing serum on your fingers and emulsify it by rubbing your fingers together and finger comb it through the bottom half of your hair.

Tell me thats not easy! Try it out ladies!!!! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lana Del Rey Inspired Makeup Look

Hiiii girlfriends!! So you can't judge me but, I get weirdly addicted to things.. Like its not a full on obsession but its like a few weeks then I jump to something different and obsess over that.. Its like a food chain. First, it was Vampire Diaries, then it was YouTube, then it was Tositos Salsa and now I am kinda obsessed with Pinterest..... I tried to give up Facebook and Twitter so now when I'm bored I just scroll through the Beauty section. I could waste hours pinning am I the only one??? I will literally sit down for one second and BAM three hours pass by from me just literally looking at hair and makeup... While I was wasting away my morning the other day, I stumbled on this amaaaazing picture of Lana Del Rey. Its gorgeous and the first thing I thought was I HAVE TO RECREATE THIS! So here goes nothin'..

Naked Basics Palette
Black Liquid Liner
Nude Eye Liner
Nude Lipstick

1) First things first I used my favorite foundation and I evened out her playing field making sure I got her eyelids and highlighted and contoured her face! If you don't know how to do this check it out here. 

2) I used my Naked Basics palette and patted 'Foxy' all over her lid with a flat shader brush.

3) Then I took 'Naked 2' in windshield wiper motions all in her crease with a domed crease brush.

3) I took 'Faint' and really concentrated that in the outer part of the crease with a big fluffy blending brush. Afterwards, I blended everything out with a clean brush-- Making sure to be no hard lines.

4) I used my Black Makeup Forever Aqua Liner with a liner brush and lined the lid making a wing at the end going almost to the end of her brow. (If you would like a tutorial on this let me know!)

5) I took 'Faint' again with a smudge brush and 'smudged' it all along my bottom lash line. This isn't shown but after that I took my NYX Wonder Pencil and lined her bottom waterline.

6) I used mascara on her top and bottom lashes!

7) I filled in her eyebrows and then started contouring her nose to be small and tiny like Lana's. I took 'Naked 2' with my shader brush making a very straight line going up to the dip of her eye. Then took my blending brush to blend it all out.

8) Put on Revlons Nude Attitude and she mine as well be Lana ;)

I had soooooo much fun recreating this timeless look! Let me know how it worked for you!! :) Comment below if you have any questions!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hi Guys!! So before I chopped off my locks I had this similar cut as my sister below and I would style it everyday like the familiar 'Julianne Hough'. I would get so many questions on how to do it I can't even count on all my fingers... Or toes. With Spring right around the corner this is a fun style to mess around with and there is NO goofing it up! Its fool proof! The messier in my opinion the better.

A straightener
A teasing comb/brush
Sea Salt Spray

1) Section your hair out in three ways bottom to top. Then, take the straightener, up right, going away from your face and turn the straightener 1 1/2 times trying to leave your ends out a bit. Work in small sections. When you get to the last section on the top of your head do the same technique but only turn the straighter 1 time making a looser curl... This helps because like Juliannes hair the underneath sticks for a messy look!

2) Tease your crown area for some volume with any teasing brush going in downward motions.

3) Put your head upside down and spray some Sea Salt Spray.


5) Flip your head back and voila just got back from the beach! 

This is great for shorter length girls but you could also do this with longer hair!
Just adjust how many times you curl the straightener:)

If you have any questions comment below! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Beauty Dictionary: Face Brushes!


Hi Ladies!! I am back with a new series called 'Beauty Dictionary'. I will be answering some of your beauty issues that you never knew the answers to! Today I am doing Face Brushes.. I get a lot of questions about which brush to use when and why. I thought maybe bringing all my favorite brushes in together and explaining them to you for example: when you use them, what part of the face, cream/powder, etc. etc. would be a lot easier to understand. Honestly, different brushes can change the look of any foundation. Brushes are essential in your beauty routine. There is no reason to use your fingers now a days or disposable sponges-- It is 2014 and brushes make your makeup look 100,921,098x better! With that said-- LETS TALK BRUSHES:)

From the top left to right to the bottom:

Real Techniques Powder Brush- This is my favorite for bronzing and to set my powder. You can find this at Ulta. I use this just for an overall bronzing not to be confused with contouring.. So when I just want some color I will sweep this in 3 and E motions on each side of my face where the sun would naturally hit..

Sonia Kashuk Double Ended Foundation Brush- I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS BRUSH! I have had it for like 3 years and I wouldn't know what to do without it. I use the foundation end for my fuller coverage foundations.. It is pretty dense and with a dense brush you are going to get a thicker application. I just think it makes my foundation awesome! You all know my obsession with my Beauty Blender-- if not you can read here-- one end is like a sponge material like my BB but you don't get this wet or anything like that.. I use this side to just blend out around my nose and eye area just so you can't see any strokes or anything from the brush. You can find this at target!

Mac 168 Large Angled Contour Brush-- I love this brush for contouring because with the angle shape I fee like it just fits right in the dip of your cheekbone. If you don't know how to contour check out my post. This will help a lot more with how this brush!

Sephora Pro Flawless Airbrush #56-- This is just a recent love of mine but I think it will be an essential for a long time in my kit. I use this for my foundation on a more everyday basis. It really provides a natural-airbrushed look to your foundation. I pat my foundation on my face then buff it out in circular motions with this brush and it looks faaaaaaaab;)

Real Techniques Stippling Brush-- I use this to blend out my contour and blush to make sure there is no hard lines! I also used to use this a lot for my foundation.. This is a very multipurpose brush! You can also use it to dab on your highlight right above your cheekbone-- Or to use a cream blush for a real flushed look. You can also get this at Ulta.

Sigma F25 Tapered Face Brush-- I use this for my powder blushes! I think its not a dense brush so it really makes my blush light and natural.

Sigma P86 Precision Tapered-- I love this for my concealer.. What I do is with my ring finger is tap the concealer where need be and buff it out with this brush. With the tapered head it really gets into all of the hard to get areas you couldn't get with a regular foundation brush. Its dense so it adds a lot more coverage-- which I need if I am using a concealer.

Nars Ita-- TELL ME THIS DOESNT JUST FASCINATE YOU! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am in love. I use this for nights out when I want a strong contour. Its not that dense but it really makes that sharp, clean line you are looking for when contouring. I first apply the bronzer with Ita upright to make a sharp line then take the brush sideways to buff it all out. Its amazing. Just believe me when I say this. You can also use this for highlighting as well!

Elf Kabuki Face Brush-- This kabuki brush has been my favorite for a long long long long time. It has withheld every punch and throw its gotten. It will never die I swear to you. I use this for bronzing and to set my powder.. Also to bronze my body! For a meer $5 YOU NEED THIS!

So lets recap-- A dense brush gives more coverage, a less dense brush is for a lighter coverage! I hope this helped a bit! Let me know in the comments or on social medias which brushes you like the most! :)

Elf and Sonia Kashuk can be found at Target!
Real Techniques you can get at Ulta.
Sephora and Nars Brushes you can get at Sephora.
Mac brushes are available only at Mac!
Sigma brushes are found on their website.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Starter Kit for Makeup Beginners on a Budget

Just a few makeup items that I LOVE! If you are a beginner I would deffinitley check them out-- they are the !


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How to Contour like a BOSS!

This is my girl Kim K... As you all know I'm obsessed but we can save that to talk about for a different day.... She has the perfect cheekbones, the tiniest nose, the best jawline....... Are you not so jealous?!? Well, I have got great news for you.. You can have it too! Noooooo I'm not talking plastic surgery.. With makeup! Its called contouring and highlighting! For all of us that weren't born with those perfect features this is for you... Contouring is when you take darker colors to create a shadow to take away the look of an imperfection you might want to cover up and you highlight the places of your face you really want to stand out! I can swear on Lolas life everyone in the magazines, red carpet anything are not so perfect-- they use this technique! 

1. First use your favorite foundation with your beauty blender!
2. CONTOUR with any matte bronzer with NO shimmer whatsoever under your cheek bones, around the forehead, down your nose and your jawline with your angled brush.
3. HIGHLIGHT with any concealer a few shades lighter than your regular color down the bridge of your nose all the way up your forehead in a tree motion, under your eyes to brighten them up, underneath the contour of your cheek bones and your chin, below the brow and inner corner of the eye and upper lip to make it pouty!
------At this point if you look like a clown you're doing it right------
4. Blend it all out with your stippling brush and beauty blender.. Blend, blend, blend.. If you think its done, blend more. This may seem like to much but if you do not blend it will look crazyyyy.
5. Apply blush right above the contour then use your stippling brush to blend it all out with the contour.
6. Above your blush use a highlighter with a very light hand above your blush with your stippling brush and right in your cupids bow with your fingers. This will give you the dewey look Kim has.
7. Apply a translucent powder all over the face to set all the hard work you just did.
8. Finish your makeup and your good to go :)

So in more detail:
If you have a bigger nose than you would like use the matte bronzer and really concentrate in straight lines very close to the bridge and highlight very minimal.

A bigger forehead you would bronze way more down the forehead and minimal highlighting. 

If you have a big chin or a double chin really focus the bronzer on the jaw line and up more up the chin then not much highlighting..

For people that have a circular/round face to make it more oval bronze all the perimeter of your face.

If you are more of a get up and go kinda gal I understand this may seem like a lot of work and I totally get it... It takes a lot of time and a lot of practice! This may not make any sense to you but once you try it on your self you will see such a difference... If you have any questions on how to do it on your face let me know in the comments or find me on social media :)

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