Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#noheatsummer Tips and Tricks to rock what the good lord gave ya!

A lot of people have been thinking I am nuts with this #noheatsummer stunt.
I keep getting, "I could never just walk outside with my natural hair." or "You don't understand I have crazy hair." I even had a girl tell me that she straightens her hair 3 times a day! That is nuts! I honestly get it girls. All you need is to embrace it and you will learn how to rock your natural hair. Think of it as when you learned how to straighten your hair. I know all you of you didn't wake up one morning and learned how to curl and straighten your hair perfect. In middle school, I thought it was ok just to straighten the top of my hair. Then the bottom was all kinky. I thought none would notice... They did... My sisters used to straighten their hair on an ironing board. With an iron. Not kidding. I remember it was probably high school and I finally learned how to section my hair when I straightened it, then I got the 'Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum' and my straightened hair looked boss... I know all of you went threw this. You just have to give it time and learn what works with your hair. Not all hair is the same I know that! I wish I could honestly go to every single readers house and be like, "Hey, you use this" or "NO do not touch that to your hair!!" Hahah. But unfortunately, that isn't realistic. So imma write a blogpost;)

-Do not mess with your hair. I know this seems inevitable but don't touch it. The more you touch it the more frizzy it gets.

-Keep a wide toothed comb in the shower. Once you have conditioner on, comb it. Then rinse it out. This will help like I said in the previous post, to not touch it or mess with it!

-Towels can be too rough. Take an old t shirt and dry your hair with it. This will help with frizz and my curly girls to help preserve ya curl!

-Embrace the messiness. Messy hair is the best hair. Use a sea salt spray. That will make your hair smell and look like you just got back from the beach. I have a post about it here! If you aren't about that DIY life, I really love Lushs Sea Salt Spray. Its amazzzin.

-DO NOT PUT THAT HARD CRUSTY GEL ON YOUR HEAD. Scrunching is out. So stop doing it. Never use a 'Hard' gel with hairspray and think your hair is going to look good. Its not. It could take someone out tho if you whipped your head around. For my curl girls, use a cream curling gel. This will make your curls more soft.

-What I do sometimes is after I put product in it while its still wet, I twist pieces of my hair and let it be till its dry. Then, finger comb it. Most of the time you don't even have to finger comb it, the hair will just fall. But, this helps for my straighter hair girls for a little bit a sum thin'.

-Use a leave in conditioner on your ends, or an oil. A lot of time when I let my natural hair run free it looks dry. So to help with that, give it some moisture! This will help with frizz as well!

If you want to read up more on frizz and products that actually work check out this posts herehere and here. All of these posts will help you so check it outttt!

But honestly, practice makes perfect. Only you know your hair. You have to do it everyday. So just play around! See what works for you!

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