Monday, July 27, 2015

Self Tanning Q&A

If you know me in real life, or have read my blog for a while, you know that I have been a spray tan addict since maybe 8th grade. When I started let me tell you, I made many, many, (did I say many?) mistakes. Fast forward a good nine or so years and I would say I am some what of a pro. Ok, I still make the casual mess up from time to time, but, I have learned a ton! I always get tons of questions about it so I thought I'd do a little *clap* Q *clap* and Slay *clap* in the wise words of Tyler Oakley.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

B&W Everythan'

Romper | Rings | Earrings | Sunglassses | Boots- sold out but similar

Hi everyone! Lately, I have been pretty boring with my style but I have been loving it! I've been into very minimal, black, grey and white outfits. I just think its so classy. You can buy so many different pieces and they'll never go "out of style". They are just simple. This has been my favorite romper and its from Charlotte Russe! Also, these sunnies have been my GO TO-- I have gotten so many compliments on them it isn't even funny. They remind me of Ray Bans but guess what.... They are only $12! What a steallll $$$$$. I got them from Glamour & Glow! I can't find my rings online but they are from Brandy Melville. I have been loving wearing simple jewelry but layering tonnnnnzzzz of them. Can you tell my style has been changing big time?

I also started working with a new photographer so tell me what you think! Her name is Nellie and she is amazinggggggg. Check all her work out here. We have a lot of new things coming out for you so keep your eyes peeled 0_o eek!

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