Monday, June 23, 2014

#noheatsummer No Heat for the Week

DISCLAIMER: If you haven't read my last post go check that out now!

As you may, or may not have read I am doing a No Heat Challenge for zee Summaaa 8)
That means no straighteners, no blowdryers, curlers nothin'. But honestly, who has the patience for that bologna in the hot weather?! Not me... So, lets keep cool and help our hair out for a bit.
Win, win ;)

While on this journey, I thought we could do some No Heat Tutorials.
Now, I know braids are all summers about. But, I'm so sorry. I am the worst braider god put on this planet. Its not my fault. I blame it on genetics. So, I'm not going to pretend I'm a pro at braids and fishtails and all those intricate things and just do some basic things you can do at home. I'll practice and report back to you though, I promise!

Day 1, A bangin' top knot. Because who doesn't love a good top knot? I have a tutorial on this hairstyle. It is the perfect lazy day but I still want to be put together look depending on how messy you make it. If you have read at least two of my blogposts you probably already know I don't like to get up in the morning so I like the most minimal effort styles. I wish I had hair again just looking at this picture is making me tear up a bit. Kidding not kidding.

Day 2! Just a cute classic twist--- Ya can't go wrong with that. Part your hair on the side. Then, whatever side has less hair start twisting all the way back and secure with a bobby pin. Then move the hair to hide any pokin out bobbies.

Day 3! For this style, I teased the root of her hair then brought a little less than half of the hair up in a pony. We secured it with a clip but you could with a bobby pin as well! This is awesome for summer because I don't know about you but it is to hot for all that hair in your face.

Day 4--- a turban! I looooooooove turbans. Especially for summer! I feel like it just makes everything look like you are so hip and you ain't even tryin. And like I said before it keeps the hair out of your face which is bomb.

Day 5- a low bun! I kept the same part then brought it all behind the ear you have less hair on. Then, took my finger in front of the pony and wrapped it around my finger and secured it with a ponytail and pulled out some random pieces to make it look not so put together. I also took some pieces out around her face to complete the style.

Day 6!  A classic pony with a twist. This is  just effortless and perfect for those hot days in the sun. I used a middle part this time and put the hair into a pony. I took a piece inside the pony, wrapped it around the ponys base then secured it with a bobby pin. I pumped up the pony by grabbing two pieces and pulling and started pulling random pieces at the crown of the head and out completely around the face. Easy peasy. 

Last but not least, day 7. For this braided headband, take a piece of hair an inch thick behind your ear on each side and braid and secure with an elastic. Then, take one of the braids and pull it across your crown to your opposite ear and bobby pin it in place. Afterwards, take the other one and do the same hiding the other bobby pin and BAM you're done:)

How easy are all of these for Summer? I understand, they are pretty simple but just some ideas to help ya out with this challenge! Look out for some DIY hair masks soon! Hashtag #noheatsummerchallenge with your No Heat Looks! Maybe you all can help me braid hehehehe.
 p.s I just went back and read over the title: No Heat for the Week. Thats funny. Am I the only one that thinks so? Hope not. Ok, Im done rambling. BYE:)

Sunday, June 22, 2014


The number one most asked question I get is 'How do I get my hair to grow?'
Well ladies, as much as I would love to be a magician (I think its better for man kind that) I am not. There is no magical way for your hair to grow. Every person is different. All hair grows at different rates. But, the one thing that is always true for long locks is in order for your hair to grow, you have to take good care of it. End of story.
I know you probably are like no way thats not true, but it is.
If you have unhealthy hair and split ends, your hair sure can get long, but it will just keep splitting.
Over the years, heat has been a huge issue with damaged hair..... You girls straightening your hair everyday aren't doing your hair any favors. I know you may think, I could never just jump out of the shower and have perfect hair.. But, you can.

To keep your hair healthy, and help it grow and since Summer is the perfect time I came up with a little game we could all play...........
I bet you, you can not go all summer without using any heat products.
That means, no straighteners, no blow dryers, no curling irons. Just let your natural hair breathe for a bit and your hair will grow. All of July and August until September 1, vow to take good care of your hair & during these months, I will show you different styles to use without heat, what products to help enhance your out of the shower locks, and some DIY masks to help with the summer heat!
I will be helping you find out that natural hair is cool too! Your hair will thank you;)

So day 1!
Starting tomorrow...
Who's with me?!?!?
Use the hashtag #noheatsummer !! Show me your natural locks! I would love to see 8)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

4 Ways to Style a White Tee!

I love plain white t's.
I have no idea why. But, I wear them with everything.
Cant find somethin to wear that day? No prob! Slide on a white tshirt and your set.
You can dress it up and down for every day use.. I literally probably have about fifteen of them and if you asked me to get them all, I could probably find 2. They are like leggings and socks. They always go missing. WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! Only the sock eating, legging chewing, white t stealer knows. Or the washer machine eats my clothes. Either way, it sucks.

I love t's with high waisted shorts. In the first pic, we tied the white t just at the waist so you can show a little skin and spice up the outfit.

In the 2nd- Slap on a blazer. Blazers make everything classy. White t's and blazers are the death of me. THEY STEAL MY HEART. I love them. We also paired them with a pair of ripped jeans to make it a bit more relaxed but slid on some pointed toe heels! Its like okay you're wearing a business blazer and heels, get away you are to businessey... But put on ripped jeans and a white t, perfect. Hahahaha! Ok, I'm nuts. But, don't mind the tractor. I swear I am not a hick of any kind.

I love maxi skirts. They are like yoga pants but you can actually go other places other than the gym and your couch with them. Either wear your t plain with this or tuck it in. Either way I love..

The last pic, we just did a plain jane look. Because who doesn't love dark jeans and a white t? UH ME! We paired it with mint green Vans and I think the whole style just screamed wear me on your errand day, adventure day, shopping day, Saturday, Sunday, heck anytime.

Next time you have nothing to wear, think of me and put on a t!
Which one is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Perfect Yo' Browz!

I am so so so so picky when it comes to my brows. Like, so picky.
 I've never really been into powders.. I'm usually a pencil kinda gal.
Until, now.
Since this product my brows have thanked me.
It takes me half the time now to do my brows. Its fool proof!
You have not lived life until you have used this product. Life as you know it will change.
I swear I never exaggerate ;)

So, once upon a time there was this girl named Anastasia. She was the brow wiz. Out of nowhere she changed the brow game for years to come. No one could compare to her products. Brows all across the world screamed with joy. (I, as a makeup artist did as well) Finally, all of the ladies across the land finally decided to fill in their sparse babies... Their brows thanked them. Anastasia came out with the perfect pencil, the perfect brow powder duo, a gel to keep them in place and now......

The Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade.
This is literally if there was such a thing.
Its not a powder, its not a pencil, its not a gel. To be honest, its kinda like a mousse. 
The pomade is PERFECT for sculpting a perfect brow. The texture of it mimics the real look of your natural brows and guess what?!?!?! Its waterproof, smudge proof and it adheres to the hairs. What more could you possibly ask for! Its my favorite. My brows have never looked better. Not jokin'. It stays all day. You could honestly go for a 5k with this on your brows and its not moving. Its perfect for my oily girls! 

Try it out.. You will be obsessed, I promise!!!
Its a 10 out of 10 in my book.. Thank you Anastasia. You are the god of the browz.

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