Tuesday, October 28, 2014


for my last Halloween DIY I thought why not do the Black Swan.
Natalie Portman is legit in that movie. Like that and that other movie with Ashton Kutcher came out around the same time and I remember looooooving her in that then seeing Black Swan and thinking, what in the world. Of all worlds. Is going on. Am i the only one? If you haven't watched it go check it out. The makeup in this movie is soooo DOPE and I thought why not put my own twist on it? I think this is such a cute costume to rock with a black ballerina tank and a black tutu. You'd look like a babe. Bet ya!

First thing we did is take the lightest foundation in Loreal True Match and apply it all over the face and down the neck. Then take a white translucent powder and don't tap off the excess and just pat it all over the skin. This is what really gives that white creepy base.

Then, start contouring with a gray shadow. Really accentuate this, the more you contour the creepier you'll look and thats all cooool for Halloween. Skip the blush and for a highlight I actually took Macs Pigment in White. I wet my brush with Fix+ and put it under the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, the cupids bow, the chin, etc etc. 

Now for the eyes--
We took any black shadow and put it all over the lid as a base. Then with eyelash glue pat it on the skin where you want the feathers, wait like ten seconds so it gets tacky, then apply them where you seem fitting. Then we took hairspray and just sprayed where we wanted the feathers to stay. They were going everyyyywhere, their nuts. Finished it off with some black liner, and smudged it all out with a shadow.

To finish off the look, I took a matte red lipstick (Russian Red from Mac) and applied that, then took Night Moth, a dark lipliner and put in the inside to make it look extra creepy.
AND BAM you're done. Go put your tutu on and call it a day hehe!

If you recreate any of these looks for Halloween I would love to see them!
This is unfortunately my last tutorial. Halloween came to fast. But, be safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) AND HAVE FUN!

Talk to you soon xx

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Drugstore Holy Grailzzz

Hi, I really miss just chatting on here. Am I pathetic? Maybe I need some friends haha.
But, I like you guys. I feel like when Im shopping I go home and think, oh my lanta I got to go blog about all the cool things I found. Like its ridiculous. Haha, its like you guys are my friends and I just have to tell you everything I bought.. This sounds sad, but, its the trufffth. When I'm doing tutorials I just feel like its straight to the point and dry. Like, blend, put on lipstick BYE. So lets actually get back to normal and be BFFz again? Ok, good. Thanks.

So I'm gonna talk about something close to my heart and apparently your guys too.
Drugstore Products.
Where do you draw the line? What should you splurge on?
Honestly, heres my say, I don't draw the line anywhere. I don't think you exactly need to splurge on anything. Thats my opinion others may be different but, I like to try everything. Some drugstore products yes, for lack of a better word, the pits. But honestly, so are some high end Dior things. Im not against anything. But, don't get me wrong, I do love high end things, as you may see in my tutorials. On the other hand tho, I do love me a good NYC find. You do you, if something works for you and its a dollar. GIRRRL YAAAASSS. Im jealous and let me in on it. But like I said, I'm here to try everything from drugstore to high end for you to see what you need to go out and buy right now or pass on. So lets get to it.

NYC Liquid Liner-- Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm obsessed. If you follow a lot of bloggers, or you tubers you may already have heard the rave about this. But, its literally one of the blackest eyeliners I've ever used. The applicator is also amazing. Its super easy to work with and lasts forever. Wait for it.... Its also only $2.99. You should go buy it if you're obsessed with a nice wing like me.

Keepin on the NYC train, their Sunny Bronzer... I've talked about this a hundred and one times. But, one more won't hurt. This is a perfect bronzer. I literally reach for it more than I do my high end ones. I love it. There is no shimmer and it literally mimics a real tan. It gives you some color without looking Jersey Shore-esq if you're picking up what I'm putting down. This is also $2.99 ughhhhh. Its almost a complete dupe for Benefits Hoola Bronzer if you're into that but for a fraction (not even) of the cost.

Rimmels Lash Accelerator Mascara! This gem is like $7.99 I think... This is an amazing mascara. It lengthens like no other. Im obsessed with this one mascara from Mac, I think its called Extended Play and this is exactly like it, if not better. Its a miracle worker for my bottom lashes. When I wear this its like BAM there they are. I LOVE IT. I would pick this over a lot of high end mascara. Oh, and it lasts a super long time too. I wore it to bed (I know bad) on accident and I woke up and my lashes still were like Hayyyyyyy.

Revlons lipsticks, lipglosses, lipstains. Anything Revlon lip wise. Im about.  They are soooo pigmented and last a good amount of time for being $4. Their lipsticks after Mac and YSL are my favorite lipsticks of all time. They have the most PERFECT nudes and fall colors. No other drugstore lipstick touches Revlons. My favorite is Pink Pout and Nude Attitude. Im not kidding I reach for these two more than any of my other lipsticks 75% of the time. And thats a big deal considering the amount of lip sticks I do have. I have loved these for yeaaaaaaars. My first ever lipstick I actually wore on a daily basis was Nude Attitude and I have repurchased it at least 10 times.

Loreal Viable Lift Blur Foundation & Loreal True Match
This stuff is amazing. I got it because honestly, I was like I love my Loreal True Match, its my favorite foundation, so why not try it? And I'm so glad I did. It literally blurs my pores, blurs every imperfection and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Which is a plus! I loveeeee it. Its awesome for everyday! Loreal True Match is more for a night out. Its full coverage and you can definitely tell you have foundation on. But, it makes you look flawless. Its great for people with problem skin that wants a foundation to really cover everything. I use this on clients alllll zeeeee time. I love it.

NYX anything, practically is bomb.
I love their blushes, their concealers, their lip glosses.
Their lip butter glosses are everything. And they smell like vanilla. What else do you need in life? Their staying power isn't that great but if you're ok with reapplying its beautiful when its on and moisturizes your lips like no ones business. My favorite is creme brûlée! You can get them at Ulta for like $5.

So theres that....
You have all my secrets to cheap deals.
You're welcome ;)

Talk to you guys soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

DIY: Mermaid Tutorial! MOSTLY DRUGSTORE!

Hiiiiiiiiii everyone, I'm back with another HALLOWWEEEEEEEN tutorial. 
This time a MERMAID.
Ok, like vampires, I am obsessed with mermaids. I want to be one.
Im actually pretty obsessed with Carli Bybel a you tuber and I got inspiration from one of her videos a few Halloweens back and I alwayyyyyyyys wanted to try it out so I thought leeeegggoooooooo.
So Halloween gives you the chance to do this! Its super cool and easy, but pretty and not scary;)
And its actually pretty cheap to do by yourself at home!
If you're interested how to get this look, keep on reeeadin

First things first we did our foundation/contour routine which you can find here!

For eyes we primed of course with any eye primer. 
Then took Maybellines Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal and patted that on the outer corner of the eye and inner. Leaving the middle with no shadow. Then we took Urban Decays Grifter or any light purple and patted that right in the middle where we left it bare and blended it all out with a clean blending brush making sure theres no harsh lines! Then to intensify the teal we took our Mac Fix+ (or if you read this post you may know you can replace this with eye drops) and sprayed our brush and then picked up Maybellines Tattoo Pure Pigment in Never Fade Jade and patted it right over the teal and blend it all out with a blending brush again. Then taking the teal we lined the underneath of the eyes and afterwards took NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet and lined our waterline and took any white shimmery shadow and just highlight the inner corner and brow bone. Then BLEND everything out one more time!

Take some fishnet stockings and place it where you would want the scales and then take the Maybelline Tattoo in Tenacious Teal and start patting in random places, again to intensify it take Never Fade Jade then take the light Purple shade and start patting that on the outer edges of where you want your scales to end. To really get a gradient effect, take the shimmery white shadow and go right at the edge. Just to make it look faded to nothing. If ya know what I'm sayin... This part you have to really make sure you don't move the stocking unless the scales will move. Then we took some eyelash glue and put it on the back of our hand and waited a few minutes so it will get tacky. We placed it wherever we wanted the glitter (I got the glitter and sequins at Jo Ann Fabrics for literally $3) and then took the glitter and sequins where ever we thought would look good. And voilllaaaaaa finished with some Pink Lipstick and you're set!

Now you're the prettiest mermaid in the whhooooleeee worrrrld;)
Keep checkin by for some new Halloween Looks! See ya lata alligata or should I say mermaid?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Extreme Makeover Mom Edition: Part 2

OKKKIEEEE so guess who's finally back with Part 2!
Yeah I know, Im pretty late, but, I've been busy. Im sawwryyy.
If you haven't seen Part 1 go check it out here!

So lets get back to Caitlyn! 
I wanted to do something very quick and easy on her since she's a mom of about to be two! I know not all mothers have the time to do this every single morning so just take little bits of pieces of what I did and incorporate it into you're everyday routine.

First, I of course did my contouring and highlighting! (This is optional but honestly, this makes all the difference) If you get it down, it will take you an extra five minutes.
I used Urban Decays Sin all over her lid, then took Nectar and Light Brown from the Lorac Pro Palette 2 in her crease to define a bit. I took Sin under the bottom lashes and finished it off with a nude liner and mascara! I filled in her brows with Taupe Dipbrow by Anastasia. I swear if you just did the contouring and highlighting, your brows, mascara, and lipgloss you would be good. I swear by good brows. It makes ALL of the difference. I finished off the look with Angel by Mac with Buxoms White Russian lipgloss!

For her hair, we curled it with a wand and put it upside down, ran our fingers through it and scrunched with Paul Mitchells Sea Salt Spray!

This really is easy.
Maybe not the first time.
Or the second.
But the third time you will be a pro.
It will take ten minutes at most!

All you moms try this out. I want to see some before and after pics!
See you guys soon with some more Halloween Tutorials AHHHHH

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Guess what time of year it is??!?!? Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!
If you have been following my blog for a while you would already know that a) I love fall and b) I love the Vampire Diaries. I have a huge addiction and I love Stefan so if you're team Damon-- byeeeeeeee! Hahah jk but really Stefan for the win. With Halloween right around the corner and the Vampire Diaries season premiere starting last week, I want to be a Vampire I decided... Or Daria. Or Poison Ivy. Im not sure yet. So I thought while I'm struggling to decide I would show all of you different options! For real tho, on a serious note, I dream I'm a vampire sometimes. Not kidding. I think I was one in a past life and doing this makeup just came so natural to me. I swear I'm not nuts. Its just super easy hahah. 

With this look since the eyes are so dark, lets start on the them! Well do the face lata...
Prime your eyes! Then, I took a NYX Jumbo Liner in Dark Purple and covered the lid to start with a nice base. Then took my Lorac Pro Palette 2 and took the color Cool Gray in her crease and buffed it right out. Making sure that the Purple base and the Gray are all blended. Afterwards I took Black and patted that right onto the lid, then blended it all out again. 

I didn't take pics of the face because I thought it was self explanatory but, I took my lightest foundation you know me I own a million cause I am a vamp in the winter, and applied it all over my face and neck. Then took a white face cream from the halloween store and blended that in. I used a translucent powder and patted it all over the skin for a matte look. Then took Cool Gray (from the Lorac Pro2) and used that to contour. Find out how to do that here!

For the veins under the eyes, I took a black liquid liner and started making little baby lines with other lines sprouting from the base. You can use a red cream from the Halloween store or I used a matte red lip stain and with a brush applied it right on top of the liner. To finish that up I blended the colors, Plum, Navy, and Black (again from my Pro2) and made the lines not to stark. Lined my top and bottom waterline with a Black liner and used mascara! Or, apply some fake lashes like we did! Then take the Black and Navy and with a pencil brush blend it right under the waterline to make the look really smoky! 

The lips are my favvvorrrittteee part! I took Cyber from Mac and put it on the outer edges, then took Russian Red on the inside to make it look like bloody. Then I used Night Moth liner (from Mac) and blended both the colors together. Took Cyber again and patted it right in the middle again to blend. Lastly, took Black and put it right on the corners again, to make you look realllllll dead.

Then, take some blood and put it everywhere. Literally, wherever you want. We put it on the sides of the mouths and right on the inside of the lip where we put the Russian Red to make it look like she just got done feeding! And then slapped it everywhere else!


-First get a cotton ball. Take a piece of it and start rolling it into a circle. 
-Then put eyelash glue on your neck with two dots.
-Put the two circles of cotton onto the dots. 
-Wait for it to dry.
-Then take some liquid latex (you can get this at the Halloween store for like $3) and apply it all over the cotton. Wait for it to dry again. After it drys start molding it. Take some tweezers and pronounce the middle of the circle and push the sides down so they are no harsh lines from the skin to the circle of cotton.
-Take your foundation and blend it alllll over. And take Cool Grey, Plum and Navy again and just start putting it all around to make it look nasty. Then take your bronzer with a blush brush and just blend that all out.
-Use liquid liner and put it right inside the circle to make it look dark and endless. (Apparently Cass liked this part hahahahah)
-Using that red cream or stain like I used start patting that inside the dark and just all around.

and vavooom you look like Stefan just bit you. Or Damon. Or whatever you're into. 

So what did you all think?!?! Are you gonna be a vamp?!?!
What other tutorials would you guys like to see? Let me know in the comments :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Mom Edition!

Hiiii Ladeeeez!
One day, I was ya know just hangin' out, not really sure doing what and got to thinking, most women honestly just don't know what they are doing when it comes to makeup. They have been doing the same thing thinking that it is fine for years! They don't understand that their is other ways to do makeup. From mothers, to highschoolers, to grandmas! I remember when I was in high school I thought it was the cooooolest thing to wear bronzer and black eyeliner.. Thats it. I thought I was SOOOOOO cute. I know a lot of time with mothers they think they just don't have the time. But believe me, makeup can be fast and cute! There is no excuses girlfriend! With your hair as well! Like I said tho, when I was in high school I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. You could not tell me that something would look better. Sooooooo I decided why not do a post and show before with no makeup, what they do on an everyday basis and then my version! That way, you can really see how much of a difference hair and makeup makes! Not that any of these girls I am using really need a makeover because they are all beautiful no matter what. But, just a little somethin fun!

My first edition is going to be: The Everyday Mom
The mom who doesn't really have time to do much, but wants to look put together.
So I picked Caitlyn! 

Caitlyn is a mom to a two year old, Ava and is also expecting a baby boy in a few weeks!

Can we please talk about Avas big blue eyes?!?!?! Caitlyn is very simple and naturally beautiful. So, when I had her in my chair I thought, why not glam her up a little bit?! Even though I wanted her still to shine through with her beautiful pregnancy glow! I sat down with this mom and we went through her normal makeup routine. She says that when she does wear makeup, she uses Johnsons Baby Lotion, Bare Minerals foundation and bronzer. Then Bare Minerals mascara and some chapstick. Simple simple simple!

You can still be glam on a budget, and on a time schedule. Check back on Wednesday to see what I decided to do and learn some tips and tricks!

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