Sunday, November 23, 2014

Casual Thanksgivin' Outfit Ideas!

As you probably saw in my last post I am obsessed with Thanksgiving. I did a more classy outfit the other day which was GO FIGURE monochromatic. But, I thought I would give you a more relaxed just around the fam, colorful (to me) look as well! This was actually a lot harder than it looks.... I think I need black and white rehab. Or someone to inject a rainbow into my veins... Because, literally it takes so much out of me to not pick out a nice black top. #emoemily

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I think this outfit is soooo comfy and perfect for Thanksgiving. I don't know about your family but my family is so relaxed so this is the kind of outfit I would wear. Its cozy but you still look put together and stylish. I LOVE THAT CARDIGAN.. I know its $80 but listen the top is $13 and the pants are on sale for $9.99... I think that makes up for it right? Lets say the pants were $40 and the top was $23 and then the cardigan was only $40.. I bet you would buy it seeeeeeee. It all equals out at the end of the day. AND Top Shop items literally last a leap year. Im really good at selling things maybe I should be a saleswomen;) AND THAT WATCH. I have never heard of Olivia Burton watches but I have been researching for a while now and am obsessed. She makes the cutest daintiest watches ever. Screw a Michael Kors (Sorry guys) This is more my style! Its so timeless. Haha. See what I did there. Even put on a huge scarf either this one or this one and you are set to go.

I hope you guys have been loving my random outfit posts! Have you picked out your outfit yet? Id love to know what you decide on! Let me know in the comments! AND I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING THANKSGIVING! Everytime you eat some pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes, think of your girl;)

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Secret for Blondes-- Shh!

Got a secret can I keep it, swear this one you say, got a locket in my pocket taking this one to the graveeee hehehehehe. 
Okay, I don't really know if those are even are the words. But, I couldn't resist. I have a blonde secret and its coming out of the closet. Okay okay okay its not really that big of a secret. The weird thing is, its not a secret at all.... Most blondes just have no idea about my little babe. Actually, most blondes don't even know the difference between blondes which is my biggest pet peeve in the entire world. Am I confusing you yet? Lets back up.....

There once was a thing called blondes. There were many different types of blondes in the forest. But the yellow, brassy blondes were the ones who lived in the straw houses. Ashy, cool blondes lived in the brick houses (per me) because they were the best and of course they would live in the coolest housed away from the bad wolf. The big bad wolf in blondes cases are hard water, the sun, and peroxide. Anytime a dark haired person goes light 9/10 times, the underlying pigment is going to be orange. Which sucks but toning your hair gets rid of that..... For a while. In my case like 2 washes. Not kidding. Then, its back to brassy old Em lookin like a trash bag. UNTIL I FIGURED OUT PURPLE SHAMPOO..... One of my favorite bloggers The Beauty Department also wrote about purple shampoos here! Its an awesome post-- check it out! But, they show the difference amazzzzzingly.

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Do you see the difference?! Purple shampoo is a shampoo (duh emily) that brightens blondes and keeps them from the Bad Wolf. Ive tried looooads of them and yeah some of them work but nothing like Shimmer Lights. AND GOOD NEWS ITS CHEAP! You can get it at Sallys I think for like $8. Steal! You use it once a week and let me tell you, my hair every time I use this looks like a million bucks. The purple in the shampoo is across in the color wheel from orange so it BITES IT RIGHT IN THE BEHIND! Just remember art class in first grade. This is science guys.. 

I know this was the longest post known to man and I am really sorry. But blondes, have you ever tried purple shampoo? Whats your favorite? Seriously tho, get your hands on this. Your hair will thank you and so will I. Together, we can kick this brass epidemic goodbye and finally put an end to THE BIG BAD WOLF.. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dressy Thanksgiving Outfit Ideeeerzz

Other than giving tons of thanks and seeing my family, I am so excited for all of the food. Pumpkin pie, some turkey, some mashed potatoes and corn, my grandmas salad, mmmm.... My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Thanksgiving is one of my favvvvvorite holidays. So, since I've been loving polyvore and all, I thought why not make some inspos. As you could probably tell in my last post, I love wearing all black. I just think its so perfect and like I said before you look so put together and honestly like a #GIRLBOSS. Im going to do some casual ideas too and don't worry, I will add some color;)


cape | dress | socks | boots | purse | lipstick

I looooooove this outfit for so many reasons. First that cape coat ughhhhh! Ive been loving capes ever since I saw T-Swifts Blank Space video. Like can I please have a man on a horse with a cape? I don't know I think its just really classy and I am obsessed. PLUS ITS $25! The only thing I would add is to put on some sheer black stockings if you live in colder climates (like I do) and then pair them with the thicker thigh socks. Wing ya liner and use Macs lipstick in 'Living Legend' and you are all set to eat tons of food. (Ps that dress will be perfect for food babies as well because it is loose like a tshirt dress! You know I think of these things)


Whats your guys favorite part about Thanksgiving? I hope I gave you some ideas! What do you plan on wearing? 
AND HAVE YOU SEEN TAYLOR SWIFTS NEW VIDEOOOO?! Let me know in the comments:)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Tomas Total Tan

I found this sweet little gem because of this post from Maskcara. She has been talking about how amazing this was for aggggggges and I never really understood what the fuss was all about. Until I actually got my hands on it. I use this on soooo many of my clients. It is a god sent.

tomas, selftanner, tanning, acne, dark spots, maskcara, review, amazing, coverup, self tanning, tan,

I know not everyone is into self tanning or tanning in general. This IS NOT the only use. 
If you have acne, or dark spots, OR DARK CIRCLES, this is your cup of tea and you need it. I think she explained it as having a white carpet, and dropping red wine on it. Giiiiirrrl that is never coming out. Don't even try. I wouldn't. Jk. But with a tan carpet, it will be so much less noticeable. (After doing the Vampire Tutorial I dropped the whole thing of fake blood in my new car I had for a week, I know nothing to do with this story, but it was gray seats and I think most of it got out. My luck, kill me, ok Ill stop rambling) But, back to the story, if you have more of a tan your acne or dark circles is going to be easier to cover compared to if you are blankity white. 

I know my pale girls, me included, in order to cover every single spot, you will end up looking soooo cakey when your done because its impossible. This helps bring everything to one color making it a lot less work to cover everything. So you get a flawless, not cakey base. Honestly, go watch her video. I'm going through the same exact things and she explains it so much better!

Also if you've ever tanned or laid out I know this is always my struggle, my face is allllways so much paler than my neck. And when I fake tan I don't spray tan my face because it comes off so easily. So I just spray this on my face before I do my makeup and wait like ten seconds then go on about my day. Or you could have the total opposite problem and your neck be sooo pale. I feel you. This will help you. She says this in her post as well but this is ALOT more natural for that glow rather than piling up on the bronzer. Honestly, in the winter when I just feel way to pale, I spray this on my neck and face because no ones going to see if your bodys pale anyway. And this isn't like going to make you ten shades darker so its obvious. It just gives you this glow. Like helloooo I slept 10 hours, woke up went for a run, showered, ate a nice nutritious breakfast, all before 10 am. Yeah that never happens to me either.

BY THE WAY-- This isn't a typical self tanner. It washes off in the shower. Like you still have a little tint. Its not like if you are in the rain this would run off your face. But, its not permanent. 

Really, this is a life changer. You can get it at Sallys for $15 and that can will last you a coons age. 

Whats your favorite way to cover your acne and dark spots? Do you have any cool tricks? Also, do you spray tan? Whats your favorite? 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


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I'm back with another makeup tutorial.. This ones inspired by KYLIE JENNER. Okay, this may be controversial, its okay if you don't like her. But, she's brought makeup into a whole nother category. Not even kidding. She started bringing the 90s makeup back and I am not complaining. I LOVE THE DARK NUDE LIP TREND-- BRING IT ON! You can't deny that this simple natural makeup look is beautiful. It is all about the lashes and big lips because, who doesn't love that?!

First, start out with my contouring and highlighting routine. You can find that here. Don't forget this step! A flawless base is what makes this makeup look so beautiful! 
kylie jenner, eyes, lips, kylie jenner lips, kylie jenner makeup, fall, fall makeup, fall makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial, easy,
Now onto the eyes--- ALWAYS START OFF WITH A PRIMER! Then, I took Nectar from my Lorac Pro 2 Palette and swept that with a big fluffy brush into the crease, making sure there is no hard lines. This is our transition color. Afterwards we took Buff from the same palette all over the lid and blend again. Then we switched over to our Maya Mia Palette and took the color Caramel and put that into the crease, again in back and forth motions and blend blend blend.
kylie jenner, eyes, lips, kylie jenner lips, kylie jenner makeup, fall, fall makeup, fall makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial, easy,
I took Caramel again under the lower lash line to smoke it out a bit and took Vanilla from the same palette on the inner corner and right on the brow bone. Now time for the winged liner! No Kylie look is complete without this!
kylie jenner, eyes, lips, kylie jenner lips, kylie jenner makeup, fall, fall makeup, fall makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial, easy,
Now. coat your eyelashes with some mascara. Kylie always wears falsies so I took Ardell Demi-Wispies (If you would like a tutorial on how to put on falsies let me know!) Then for that more wispy affect we took some small individuals and put them right in the inner lash line. 
kylie jenner, eyes, lips, kylie jenner lips, kylie jenner makeup, fall, fall makeup, fall makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial, easy,
FINALLY FOR THE INFAMOUS KYLIE LIP! I found this lip liner from the drugstore and it was literally a complete dupe! Its Rimmel Londons Tiramisu! I am obsessssssssed. I wish I could put the heart face emoji right now. Line your lips like you normally would then fill them all in. And you're finished!

kylie jenner, eyes, lips, kylie jenner lips, kylie jenner makeup, fall, fall makeup, fall makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial, easy,  
kylie jenner, eyes, lips, kylie jenner lips, kylie jenner makeup, fall, fall makeup, fall makeup tutorial, makeup tutorial, easy,
I hoped you guys loved it! Whats your favorite makeup trend this Fall? Are you into the 90s trend coming back?

A big thank you to Sarah Bedzyk for all of the photos! She was aamaaaaazing!
You can check her website out here.
And give her a huge thumbs on on Facebook. Tell her I sent ya;)
Talk to you guys soon!

Monday, November 10, 2014


I know I've already told you my favorite time of the year is Fall.
But, not only because the leaves, sweaters and scarfs, apple picking and cozy days its because of FALL AND WINTER HAIR COLOR IS MY FAVORITE. Dark chocolates, reds and purples are my weakness. Its just something about rich hair color that rubs me in all the right places. Check out my Fall/Winter hair inspo. All from the best, almighty, PINTEREST

I LOVEEEE the one in the top left corner. That cool brown almost purple just sings to me. It is perfection. It makes me want to go back dark. I think thats my faveee. But, I am obsessed with every single one. I hope I gave you some inspoooo to change your locks! If anyone books with me to get any of these colors, I will throw in a free cut and wax, just because Fall time is the best time-- Going until Next Monday! So book you're appointments soooon:)

Comment below what you're favorite fall hair color is! I'd loveeee to know!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Secret to Fixing Your Dry Hair!

Even if I'm a hairdresser, I have hair issues too.
I know, who woulda thought right? But honestly. Ever since I went blonde and was a little brat about it and wanted to lighten my hair 6 times in one week even though I knew the consequences-- my hair is judging me hardcore. I have tried EVERYTHING to get my hair back to normal. Deep conditioners on deep conditioners on deep conditioners. Nothings helped. All the deep conditioner actually gave me product build up like noooooo tomorrow. So my hair just felt gunky like I had gel and conditioner left in my hair then straightened it. EW. So on a random Sunday I tried this Pinterest bologna as a DIY Clarifying Shampoo because I didn't have any on hand and that made my hair so much worse. I couldnt even blowdry it. It felt like mash potatoes. So thats my life story and fail of the month. Ive dealt with the crappiest, grossest, deadest (ya thats not a word) hair ever.

dun dun dun dun.

I got these bad boys.
They literally are a godsend.

Per the Matrix website:
Formulated with Arginine and Soy, Biolage Advanced repairinside Shampoo cleanses and conditions severely damaged hair to help restore suppleness and shine.

•Gently cleanses

•Repairs damage
•Restores suppleness and shine
Yahhhhhh it does! I'm not kidding when I say if you have damaged hair and thought "Oh I just need to cut my hair I have no other choice". You're wrong. Go buy this. NOW. I don't know what to tell you except its amazing. My hair feels so soft. I can actually run my fingers through it (before I couldn't to many tanglez) It feels normal. My little cousin even noticed and she's 10... 
Honestly, if you suffer with dry hair, take my word. Go buy this shizzzz. It will change your life..
Whats your favorite dry hair remedy? Does anything help you?! Let me know in the comments-- Talk to you soon:)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Lazy Day Inspo- All black er thang

Oh November.
Can we just pause for a second to talk about where September and October went? The heck?!
But, I'm so happy to see you. Although, I hate you too. I'm sorry. I can't help it.
Come Winter and colder weather comes Dead Emily. Literally dead. Atleast to the world that is. It started off with just laryngitis, but, now I've been sick in bed not moving for at least 4 days now. So whilst not doing anything but sitting in bed, comes Pinterest and browsing every clothes website that ever existed.

sunglasses: here boots: here necklace: here black t: here flannel: here pants: here or here

Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves an all black outfit? I know its not everyones cup of tea but, something about it is just so boss. Like excuse me, Im wearing all black don't mess with me. Since I'm sick and all I wanted to put together an outfit you can just throw on while running errands, or go shopping, or going to lunch with friends. I think this is so effortless but I'm obsessed with leather pants as you know for fall, I have been ADDICTED to oversized flannels, and even more obsessed with over the knee boots. Would you rock this outfit?! 

Let me know in the comments belowwwwww.
I just discovered Polyvore and am in love, so go follow me to see more outfits like this one!

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