Monday, May 25, 2015

#OOTD & Update

WHYYYYY hello guys! I have missed you so much! I have been slackin' big time in the blogging department let me tell youuuuuu. I have decided to start incorporating new things on this blog-- I may have told you this already-- not sure--- But, I want to get more out of JUST BEAUTY and into style posts and lifestyle and fitness and basically anything I feel like bloggin' about ya feeeeelzz? I hope you guys are ok with this! This way it will be way easier to blog more because before I just felt restricted to one category. I am not a one trick pony let me tell youuuuuuu, hehe. I also really want to start vlogging. So let me know in the comments if that would be something you'd wanna see? Basically just me goin around with my everyday activities but bringing you with me? I dunooo just an idea! I am up totally for some new suggestions on things you'd like to see on this here blog. I would love to hear what you think! But for now, heres an #ootd :)

Sunday, May 3, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Pics


Haha, I'm kidding. But really, I honestly debated for a long time if I should even do this post since there are SO MANY ways out there to edit. Everyone has their own unique style. Especially when it comes to Instagram and tbh, I don't think what I do is that exciting haha. Another reason I never even thought about doing this is because I always would need to use like seventeen thousand different apps to get what I wanted. NOT ANY MO'. Instagram finally redesigned their editing and I am lovin' it. Its the only editing I use anymore. I know my editing prob isn't everyones cup of tea but, it may give you some new tips to try out with what you already do now! 
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