Monday, December 8, 2014

Same lips, Diff chicks. #winteredition

Is it just me or is buying lipstick really hard? Its like a boxa' chocolate.. Ya never know what chur gonna get. Literally. The color it could be in the tube could be totally different than what it is on your lips. AND EVEN THE CRAZIER THING-- a lot of lipsticks look different on different skin tones. One of my favoriteeeeee bloggers did a post a while back check them out here. And I WAS OBSESSED, so I thought why not put my own spin on it! But, how do you know if you should take the leap and buy the lipstick? Cause, theres a lot of different ways it could turn out. But, I am here to help you. I thought I would put together some of my favorite fall lipsticks and then you can see what exactly they look like on different skin types, hair colors, eye colors, the whole shebang. 

Apparently, Russian Red wins! I loveeee the timeless look of a red lip. This lipstick is an amazing red especially because its blue based! Have you ever noticed when you wear red lips you feel like your teeth look yellow? With this lip that won't be the case! Thats because you're getting a warm based red, not a cool tone aka blue;) 

I hope this helped you on your fall and winter lipstick search! Let me know what your favorite color was in the comments! What do you usually go for? A red lip? A purple? Nude? Talk to you soon!

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