Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sarah Hyland: GET THE LOOK Pt. 1

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Guess who's back, back, back, back again, gain, gain. IM BACK TODAY WITH ANOTHER GET THE LOOK SERIES! Hehee. These are my favorite! But, today with another blogger... Two times the fun! Now, me and Kyla over at Ky Marie C are recreating Sarah Hylands amazing style. Kyla is from New England and she has the cuteessst blog all about fashion, beauty & life in general! Lets just say, if you like my blog, you'll LOVE HER-- Go check her out! Sarah Hyland is the cutestttt little thing and her fashion sense is BOMB. I will be doing Sarahs hair/makeup for the next few days while, Kyla will be recreating some of her signature outfits! You don't want to miss this guys...... For the first post, I am going to be recreating Sarahs fishtailllllllllllll. Thank you so much Gabi for the heeeelp!! 

sarah, hyland, outfit, hair, get, the, look,

Can we please talk about how effortless this is? I would rock this anyday, anytime, anyplace. This hairstyle is perfect for loungin' around running some errands OR perfect for a fancier event like Sarah did and the best thing is it takes two seconds.

First, I would start out with second day curled hair (this helps with texture) or you can curl it with a wand then start. 

Sarah has crazy thick hair, so to replicate that start of with a volumizing mousse or give it a little tease.
|| Take all of your hair to one side and separate it like you would a braid but with two sections.
Then take the outermost piece of one section and cross it over, combining it to the other section.
Keep repeating this step all the way down. Going from one section to the other, making sure you keep it very tight!
Once you get to the bottom keeping about 4 inches out secure it with a clear elastic.
Now to the fun part- to make it more messy start pulling the braid strands out a little on each side. 
Also, pull out the pieces around your face and if necessary, recurl them.
I didn't do this step- but-- if you want her exact look, take a piece of the bottom hair thats out of the braid and wrap it around the elastic and tuck it in. This way the elastic won't be noticeable! 
AND VOILA! You're done! A simple easy hairstyle you can do anytime. Easy as that:)

Now go over and check out Kylas post all about Sarahs outfit! Comment on her page telling her I sent ya:) 

Photography as always by the lovely Sarah Bedzyk! 
Check her out @ www.sarahkathrynphoto.com and like her on Facebook here.
Illl talk to you guys soon with a new Get the Look posttttt eeeeek!

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