Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Playlist ||

'this is my winter song, december never felt so wrong 'cause youre not where you belong, inside my heart.'

Do you guys have Spotify?
If not, you are missing out. BIG TIME. It is the beeeez kneeeez.
I have been loving it. I used to just buy all my music on iTunes but this is sooo much better. But shiiiii, it was ninety nine cents (bag it) (awful Thrift Shop reference) But really, for your first three months its only literally, ninety nine cents. You can get any music in the whole world. (Except T-Swift bc shes ignorant, jk, love you girl) Different from Pandora, you can chose what you want to listen to and make your own playlists! WHICH PLAYLIST OF THE MONTH HAS BEEN BORN.

Lets back up a bit.
I, Emily Augustine, if you did not know, am very weird. With that being said, my music taste is all over the place. I like everything. I would like to define my music taste as schizophrenic. I like pop, rock, r&b, emo kid muzic, rap, 90's, christmas music etc, etc, etc. Sooo, dont judge, I even like a good boy band once in a while. Heheh. I would honestly tho check out these tunes! Although, it is December, I like to dabble my feet here and there in Christmas music, but, I can only take it in small dosages. Sorry to dissapoint anyone!

I feel like this playlist is so good for all moods. It has some relaxxxxin' cold night, cuddlin' in bed on Tumblr tunes, to some in your car jams and just music that makes you in good mood and makin some christmas cookieeez. Whats your favorite music in the Winter? Whats been your favorite song? Let me know in the commentsss! Find me on Spotify @ Emily Augustine to keep up with all my amazing (mostly ridiculous) playlists!

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