Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How To: Natural Beach Waves

Am I the only one who loves messy hair?
Messy hair is just so effortless and IN thank the lord. Because I don't know what in the world I would do if I had to straighten my hair everyday like high school. If you aren't born with natural waves heres a quick tutorial on how to get them! 

First, we sectioned her hair into three sections. Then, we took the Paul Mitchell Neuro 1 inch curling wand with the bottom section and wrapped the hair around the curling wand flat away from the face. Then, towards the face. Then towards, then away, etc, etc. Until you are all the way to the top. The pieces around your face make sure you go away. Curling your hair this way makes all the waves not go into one big curl and separates them! Making your hair look a lot more fuller and not so uniform!
When all curled, run your fingers through it! This makes them again not so uniform and 'curled'. To finish it all off we took Redkens Wool Shake (This is my holy grail item, not kidding) and spray this into the hair and scrunch your hair. This spray helps it look more beachy and give it tons of texture. AND thats it! Perfect, not so perfect waves!

We also did this hairstyle on the Kylie Jenner post! Literally have done this almost every single time we do any tutorial with Cassie because I loveeee her hair with these waves. I hope you guys learned some things! Whats your favorite way to curl your hair? Let me know in the comments! Talk to you all soon! :) Enter my Mac Giftcard Giveway if you haven't already!

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