Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide || Giveaway!

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Mophie Battery Pack Phone Case- $119 I literally would be so happy for this present. If you have an iPhone you know the battery friggin is the worst. My phone dies so fast all the time I am allllways charging it. This case is very durable and even better yet it charges your phone an extra 120%. Thats like all weekend without charging your phone. Or if your me maybe a whole day. Hahahah (I have issues)(Don't call cellphones anonymous)(I swear I can put it down)(Ok, the first process of getting over an addiction, is admitting you have an addiction) Its a little pricey, but, like i said if you're a girl even teenage to older women because my moms phone is always dead too! Anyone can get amazing use out of this!

Sigma Makeup Brushes- $86 These makeup brushes are the bomb.com and every single girl, if they wear makeup which most do, needs makeup brushes, even if they don't have any. So this would be the perfect option! They last a leap year and are such great quality. If you use the code 'dec2014' you can get 10% off and also free shipping over $50!

Electric Blanket from Target- $49.99 Oh my gosh. Do you see that it has 'micro mink sherpa' on the inside? (Whatever those fancy words mean) But I AM SO OBSESSED WITH ELECTRIC BLANKETS AND THAT FUZZY STUFF UNDERNEATH. ITS SO COZY. Noone would be mad if you gave them an electric blanket. I wouldn't even mad if someone gave me a blanket. But, if you're from NY like me, you need an electric one. Its cold out. Help your friend, sister, mother, cousin, out. I wish I was under mine right now....

Sephoras Lashstash- $45 I think this would be a perfect present for any women in your life because like makeup brushes, most women wear mascara. AND for your beauty lovin friends-- its hard to pick out any foundation, or any blush, or any lipstick, but mascara is perfect! And this comes with a bunch of them so, your special one can try a bunch! Also if you use the coupon code 'Giftship' at checkout you can get free shipping!

Macro Phone Lens from Urban Outfitters- $20! This seems like the amazing present for everyone. Because everyones obsessed with Instagram now a days and being soooo trendy so this will help all of you trendy gals. The lens helps enlarge the pictures and makes them higher quality! This is pretty cool. For $20? Why not?

Nume Lustrum Set- $299 OH WAIT JUST KIDDING! Use code 'Shine Bright' at checkout to get this set for $80! Not kidding! Maybe its just me but I am so lazy to ever buy myself new straighteners, curling irons or blowdryers because they are so stupid expensive. So, this would be the best thing in the entire world to get your special someone! I love this set because theirs 5 different wands so its like having 5 different curling irons for the price of 1. Wands are the new rad boys and girls. If you don't have one, ya need one..

The Elfie Selfie- $10 For that friend that you buy little gag gifts-- this would be perfect!! You can take pics with it the whole holiday season and go get them printed and that would be the funniest present. Like how much would you laugh if you saw someone at your family party with that? I would pee my pants.

Ok, I know I just came up with the randomest gifts but, thats what I'm here for right? BUT--- Theres something else! A gift card! For all those people on your list that you have no idea what to get, just slap em with that card. Anywhere they want. Food, Forever21, Food, Starbucks, Food. Since I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH AND ITS CHRISTMAS AND I APPRECIATE YOU AND YOUR MY FRIENDS AND I WANT TO GIVE YOU, MY FRIENDS, A PRESENT!

IM DOING A GIVEAWAY! YASSSSS! Im giving away to one lucky winner a $50 gift card to Mac Cosmetics! Enter beloooow! Its going to be going on until January 1! Good luck everyoneeeeeeeeee. I hope this helped you find out what you want/ are getting your friends for the Holidays. Talk to you soon:)

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