Sunday, December 1, 2013


Sooooooooo it's getting cold....................... I'm really not happy about the snow.... Or the cold...... Or having to be careful driving....... Or the cold....... Or having dry skin....... OR BEING COLD!!! But, in better news you can bundle up and be so cute! On the plus side you'll be warm;) I love being cozy so I do like winter for that at least......

I am obsessed with utility coats lately! This one from Forever 21 is sooooo adorable and just practical for the winter... The inside is lined with faux-fur so its super warm. With a off white knit hat and scarf I am ALL about it. Maybe this one from Tobi. PLUS--- Everything from Tobi is 50% off! 

This is again from Tobi but, its the epitome of cozy and a good steal! I could wear this every day of the week.. Its like if you were to wear a snuggie all day and get away with it... That'd be heaven....
I've been loving booties! You can wear skinny jeans and a huge sweater, slip these bad boys on and you look like you actually tried to dress up! I love those days... The heels are chunky so they are easy to walk in also... They are from H&M!

HOW CUTE ARE THESE!?!?!?!??! They are from Urban Outfitters! I love fingerless gloves but you get the best of both worlds with these... Flip the flap and their mittens!

I love leather and I love cardigans so this is the BOMB.COM! This is from Cotton On. If you guys have never heard of this site check it out.. Its so affordable with great staple pieces!

On a side note.. Im sorry I haven't been blogging lately I have been so busy with moving into a new apartment, the holidays and starting a new job! I will hopefully be doing them more often but to keep you entertained until then check this girl out LOL!

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