Monday, December 16, 2013

Naked 3?

First, the Naked.... The best makeup pallete out there.... Then....... Naked 2 came out and then that was the absolute best...... THEN! NAKED 3! Go figure, its the!! I went into Sephora on my day off at 9pm and got my hands on this bad boy just so I can show all of you!!!

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how perfect is this!!!!!! Its the perfect rose, romantic colors and I am ub-sesssed! How amazing is the color 'Buzz' Can we all just sit and stare at its beauty for 10 seconds.... Blackheart is so unique too. The colors are just so different from all the other Nakeds its insane.  With these new matte shades its perfect for an everyday eyeshadow kit. You can go from really subtle to great smoky eye. 

Would you guys like some tutorials?!!!? Comment belowwwww!

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