Monday, December 2, 2013

Pixie Cuts: In or Out?!

This may or not be a surprise anymore but I cut off all my hairs everyone!!!!!!!!!

And after I did that..... I decided to go even shorter.....

In celebration of me chopping all my locks I thought I would do a blog about pixie cuts! Would you ever cut yours??? All the celebs right now are making the change! Its in!

Anne Hathaways pixie is to die for! She's so perfect no matter what.. She does the sleek pixie, to messy... And still always looks fab!

Then BEYONCE!!! I did not see that coming....

Jennifer Lawrences' pixie is one of my favorites!

Kristen Chenoweth cut her locks!

and lastly either you hate it or love it but MILEY!

You may not like her but her hair is sooooo perfect... If its not in pigtails on top of her head....

What are you guys thinking about the celebs making the change???! Is it a yay or nay??!??! Lets cut your locks!!!! It will beeee fuuuuuun! Live on the edge girlfriends make an appointment with me!

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