Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thats not your real hair???

Ever since I became a hairdresser people always want extensions but are always very hesitant! I never understood why because I have done them forever... Some not so good when I was younger.... But it takes a bit to get the hang of it for your hair and now I would say at least I think I'm a clip in PRO! Extensions are so awesome for almost every type of hair! Thin girls can use them for volume.. Shorter hair to even longer can use them for tons of length and girls hair that just will not curl extensions will help keep the style! The reason I love clip ins is because you can take them in and out and NO DAMAGE! Your hair will just keep on growin in the mean time and when your sick of them take them out! 


First things first get a GOOD quality extension. That honestly is the number one thing I would say. Do not get synthetic hair if you are looking for everyday hair. I would get 100% human hair. No ifs ands or buts! Different extensions have different grams of hair on each weft and the more grams the thicker the hair. My favorite pair is Bellami Hair Extensions. You can get them here. BUT if you're on a tight budget, you can also just go to your closest extension store and make your own and sew multiple wefts together onto the clips for that "thicker look". Noone likes the ends of their extensions to be stringy. Honestly in my opinion what you put into your extensions you will get out.

Find your right color and blend them!!!!! If they aren't your color bring them into your favorite hairstylist (AKA ME) and we can color them to match your hair and make them personalized for you!! Lastly, you always want to get them cut into your hair. That is probably my NUMBER ONE issue with girls and extensions. You need to blend them. NEED to. If not you will see where your hair ends and where your extension starts. Not a good look.

Now for maintenance... Treat them like your own hair but, better! Always use a heat protectant on them no matter what. Skip washes though... I only would wash mine every few months. The best thing about them is you can straighten/curl them and they will stay for a week.. How great is that?!?! Try to be so very gentle when detangling them. Start at the bottom up just like you would your real hair just take your time! When not using them take a pant hanger and clip them with the hanger onto them so they can hang straight down and not tangle!

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