Saturday, December 14, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for HER:)

Soooooooooo the holidays are here!!!!! I am not to sure that anyone is more excited than I am. This is my favorite time of the year! If you're a late shopper like me and usually go back and forth on what to get your friends and family this post is totally for you! These are some of my top picks that are easy on the pockets!

1) Bath and Body Works Candles!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH! I have a sick obsession I must say..... These candles are just the epitome of heaven and everyone loves a great smelling house. Need I say more??!?! Right now they are 2 for $22!!! The Mahogany Teakwood is definitely my favorite.

2) Naked Palette $50- I know, I know you all are saying its pretty pricy... But think you are getting 12 shadows for 50! Thats a great deal and personally I use this palette for everything all the time... Its an essential in any girls makeup collection! I know they have the 2nd and the 3rd just came out but, I honestly think the Naked1 is just the best if you have never tried them before for a big variety of great pigmented shadows.
3) NAIL POLISH! At Ulta as we speak they have Mariah Careys Holiday Edition nail set on sale for $6.95!! You cannot beat that... Anyone that knows anything about OPI knows that one bottle is just like 8 bucks... Non the less $6.95?!?!? Also--- these colors are pretty much to die for.

4) Perfume!! Every girl loves perfume but its SO hard to pick out one for someone when everyone smells are so different.. SEPHORA came to the rescue and made this kit with tons of different samples of different perfumes so they can test them all out and then bring in the certificate and get a full size one of whatever scent you liked the best! You also get a pretty sweet makeup bag too. How coooooooool. It is $65! There is also one for men:)

5) Real Technique Brushes! You can get these at Ulta for $17.99 for the face or eye brush kit! It is a great steal honestly for great quality brushes. I use these brushes every single day. They are my holy grail and for such a great price why not?? They are soooo soft and Ive had both of my kits for over a year and they still are like new.

Let me know what you are asking Mr. Claus for Christmas in the comments! I hope I helped a bit! You know I just love to end my blogs with my BFF Miranda so heres her Holiday Wishlist!

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