Sunday, December 15, 2013

Should I Buy? - Beauty Blender

Ok... So a lot of you might be asking what is this and NO I would not buy it! If you like natural looking makeup you should be all about this--- Its called a Beauty Blender! It is a makeup applicator that is a spongey material, one end is rounded while the other is more at a point. This is the perfect design because the rounded edge is for your foundation on most of your face while the pointed end is better for your concealer around your eyes, nose, and little crevices that rounded edge wouldn't fit into! I have been eyeing this for a bit but I have not wanted to make the purchase $19.99 for this little sponge.. I would rather use my brushes I already have! But I finally bit the bullet and bought it....... 

I just tried it anddddd I LOVE IT! It makes my skin so flawless and my foundation feels so much more light weight then just with a normal foundation brush. The blender is so easy to apply and covers my planets perfectly!

So heres how to use it..... 

 Firstttttt run the sponge under water for a few seconds.....

Then when it gets damp squeeze all the excess water out of the sponge.

 Voila! Ready to go!

When you apply the foundation put it on the back side of your hand then blot the Beauty Blender into the product then blot on to your face.. Do not use side to side motions always blot the skin with the sponge up and down! Around your eyes and nose again, use the small pointed side! Thats all there is to it! Perfect looking airbrushed foundation every single time! You'll never have caked on makeup again:) 

You can buy it at your nearest Sephora or at for $19.99! Its totally worth every penny!


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