Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Product Doppelgängers: Splurge vs. Steal!

If you knew me you would know I'm kinda a bit obsessed with The Vampire Diaries.... Ok.... I'm really obsessed. All I do is work, watch The Vampire Diaries, eat, blog and sleep... That is all. So since I am waiting oh so patiently for the rest of the episodes to go on Hulu I thought I would make a doppelgänger post! (Everytime I pronounce it in my head I say it like Rebekah in a british accent i.e doppel-gangah.. Please say I'm not the only one!?) If you don't watch the show I'm sorry for ranting but a doppelgänger is a "paranormal double of a living person." In this case a product! Each one is a splurge than the other is a dupe for the product at a lower cost for my girls on a budget! 

The NYX Concealer Wand is a staple in my makeup collection. Its one of my all time favorite concealers to highlight with! I would say it has the same consistency as the Nars and they both have light reflecting particles and are very light weight! They both have medium to heavy coverage. I would honestly take my $5 and run to get the NYX Concealer because why waste the $28 when its almost the same product. 

I really do love Benefits mascara I must say... The Lash Blast I love overall but it can dry out after a bit I'm not going to lie but other than that it is a complete copy of the They're Real Mascara.. If you love long, long, long lashes on top and bottom with volume as well this is your mascara! 

I can't believe I'm going to say this but I actually like Loreals better! They are both a shimmer nude pink color and a great base to any shadow look you're trying to achieve! It is great for everyday but you can spice it up with a dark crease for night and its soooooo beautiful. With Kitten I feel like you get a lot of fall out and I never have that issue with the Iced Latte. Another plus is right now on you can get any Loreal products for Buy one, Get one for %50 and it says special gift with purchase woooooohoooo! Can't beat that!

4. Benefit Brow Zing-- $30.00 vs. Elf Brow Kit-- $3.00
Yet again I really love the Elf Brow Kit more but they are sooooo similar. I'm just being fussy. I am so weird about smells and the Brow Zing smells like plato and it just yerks me I don't know why hahahah. But, all in all they are both great products but the same. I don't feel like color wise I get any different look which I should paying $27 more! Also, with my brows I like to use a harder brush and the Brow Zings brush is very flimsy. So ELF ELF ELF! I always go back to that kit no matter what.

I hope this helped my ladies on a budget with Christmas right around the corner! Let me know in the comments if you would like to see some more doppelgangaaa products:) 

Ole Henriksen

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