Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Which Naked is for Me?

With my last post you're probably getting a little overwhelmed I'm sure. So theres all these Nakeds but one normal sane person does not have to own ALL of them. Just crazy nut cases like me.. These palettes are just so convenient in so many different ways to just stick in your bag and run. If you are just starting out in makeup these are great over all just to have one and you will have different eye combos for dayyyyyz! On the other hand if you are more obsessed with makeup (I know how you feel) its just a great choice to add to your collection--with great color pay off these shadows are hard to beat and are also great everyday basics to mix with the rest of your makeup.

Naked 1:
My first baby: Naked. This palette ranges from light to dark shadows with 2 matte shades and 10 shimmery. Its perfect to achieve a great day to night look on the drop of the hat. It comes with a one sided brush and the primer potion (which is the best eye primer hands down) In my opinion I think that this palette looks the best on warmer skin tones just because so many of these shadows in this palette are so bronze goddess-esque.  My all time favorite shadows are in this: Sin & Sidecar. I love toasted as well. I literally could use those shadows for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.... Ok, maybe after a year or two....But, If you are into a more bronzed smokey eye this is your palette.

Naked 2:
Now Naked 2... Yet again there are 12 shadows ranging from light to dark with now 3 matte shades and 11 shimmery. They each share Half-Baked which is a gold shimmery color. These colors are more taupey almost like they have a gray undertone. Definitely a lot more cooler than the first one so it tends to go better with the cooler skin tones. My favorites in this one would have to be Tease, Verve and YDK. YDK takes the cake though. Naked 2 comes with a dual sided brush this time. One side is great for patting the color on and the other for blending. To finish your look, the palette also comes with a cute mini lip-gloss.

 Last but not least: Naked 3.. Theres 12 colors ranging from light to dark with 3 mattes, 6 shimmers and 2 glitters!! Naked 3 shares none of the same color with her sisters but now is more rose hued which is awesome for almost every skin tone! This one has a lot more mid-colors-- not too light or dark-- for me thats a huge plus! It also comes with a dual ended brush thats a little different from the Naked 2.. But one side is still flat while the other is for blending! I heard it comes with a primer but, I think I lost it :( 

I hope this helped you out a little more!! They have swatches of each palette on the Sephora website if you wanted to stop over there.. On a side note, can you believe its almost Christmas.... Ugh IM NOT READY!!!!


  1. I have to get my hands on the Naked 3 palette! I mean, I have the other two so why not complete the collection? :P

    1. Awesome I would!! Which one do you like better Naked 1 or 2??!?!


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