Sunday, November 23, 2014

Casual Thanksgivin' Outfit Ideas!

As you probably saw in my last post I am obsessed with Thanksgiving. I did a more classy outfit the other day which was GO FIGURE monochromatic. But, I thought I would give you a more relaxed just around the fam, colorful (to me) look as well! This was actually a lot harder than it looks.... I think I need black and white rehab. Or someone to inject a rainbow into my veins... Because, literally it takes so much out of me to not pick out a nice black top. #emoemily

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I think this outfit is soooo comfy and perfect for Thanksgiving. I don't know about your family but my family is so relaxed so this is the kind of outfit I would wear. Its cozy but you still look put together and stylish. I LOVE THAT CARDIGAN.. I know its $80 but listen the top is $13 and the pants are on sale for $9.99... I think that makes up for it right? Lets say the pants were $40 and the top was $23 and then the cardigan was only $40.. I bet you would buy it seeeeeeee. It all equals out at the end of the day. AND Top Shop items literally last a leap year. Im really good at selling things maybe I should be a saleswomen;) AND THAT WATCH. I have never heard of Olivia Burton watches but I have been researching for a while now and am obsessed. She makes the cutest daintiest watches ever. Screw a Michael Kors (Sorry guys) This is more my style! Its so timeless. Haha. See what I did there. Even put on a huge scarf either this one or this one and you are set to go.

I hope you guys have been loving my random outfit posts! Have you picked out your outfit yet? Id love to know what you decide on! Let me know in the comments! AND I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING THANKSGIVING! Everytime you eat some pumpkin pie or mashed potatoes, think of your girl;)

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