Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Tomas Total Tan

I found this sweet little gem because of this post from Maskcara. She has been talking about how amazing this was for aggggggges and I never really understood what the fuss was all about. Until I actually got my hands on it. I use this on soooo many of my clients. It is a god sent.

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I know not everyone is into self tanning or tanning in general. This IS NOT the only use. 
If you have acne, or dark spots, OR DARK CIRCLES, this is your cup of tea and you need it. I think she explained it as having a white carpet, and dropping red wine on it. Giiiiirrrl that is never coming out. Don't even try. I wouldn't. Jk. But with a tan carpet, it will be so much less noticeable. (After doing the Vampire Tutorial I dropped the whole thing of fake blood in my new car I had for a week, I know nothing to do with this story, but it was gray seats and I think most of it got out. My luck, kill me, ok Ill stop rambling) But, back to the story, if you have more of a tan your acne or dark circles is going to be easier to cover compared to if you are blankity white. 

I know my pale girls, me included, in order to cover every single spot, you will end up looking soooo cakey when your done because its impossible. This helps bring everything to one color making it a lot less work to cover everything. So you get a flawless, not cakey base. Honestly, go watch her video. I'm going through the same exact things and she explains it so much better!

Also if you've ever tanned or laid out I know this is always my struggle, my face is allllways so much paler than my neck. And when I fake tan I don't spray tan my face because it comes off so easily. So I just spray this on my face before I do my makeup and wait like ten seconds then go on about my day. Or you could have the total opposite problem and your neck be sooo pale. I feel you. This will help you. She says this in her post as well but this is ALOT more natural for that glow rather than piling up on the bronzer. Honestly, in the winter when I just feel way to pale, I spray this on my neck and face because no ones going to see if your bodys pale anyway. And this isn't like going to make you ten shades darker so its obvious. It just gives you this glow. Like helloooo I slept 10 hours, woke up went for a run, showered, ate a nice nutritious breakfast, all before 10 am. Yeah that never happens to me either.

BY THE WAY-- This isn't a typical self tanner. It washes off in the shower. Like you still have a little tint. Its not like if you are in the rain this would run off your face. But, its not permanent. 

Really, this is a life changer. You can get it at Sallys for $15 and that can will last you a coons age. 

Whats your favorite way to cover your acne and dark spots? Do you have any cool tricks? Also, do you spray tan? Whats your favorite? 

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