Sunday, November 9, 2014

Secret to Fixing Your Dry Hair!

Even if I'm a hairdresser, I have hair issues too.
I know, who woulda thought right? But honestly. Ever since I went blonde and was a little brat about it and wanted to lighten my hair 6 times in one week even though I knew the consequences-- my hair is judging me hardcore. I have tried EVERYTHING to get my hair back to normal. Deep conditioners on deep conditioners on deep conditioners. Nothings helped. All the deep conditioner actually gave me product build up like noooooo tomorrow. So my hair just felt gunky like I had gel and conditioner left in my hair then straightened it. EW. So on a random Sunday I tried this Pinterest bologna as a DIY Clarifying Shampoo because I didn't have any on hand and that made my hair so much worse. I couldnt even blowdry it. It felt like mash potatoes. So thats my life story and fail of the month. Ive dealt with the crappiest, grossest, deadest (ya thats not a word) hair ever.

dun dun dun dun.

I got these bad boys.
They literally are a godsend.

Per the Matrix website:
Formulated with Arginine and Soy, Biolage Advanced repairinside Shampoo cleanses and conditions severely damaged hair to help restore suppleness and shine.

•Gently cleanses

•Repairs damage
•Restores suppleness and shine
Yahhhhhh it does! I'm not kidding when I say if you have damaged hair and thought "Oh I just need to cut my hair I have no other choice". You're wrong. Go buy this. NOW. I don't know what to tell you except its amazing. My hair feels so soft. I can actually run my fingers through it (before I couldn't to many tanglez) It feels normal. My little cousin even noticed and she's 10... 
Honestly, if you suffer with dry hair, take my word. Go buy this shizzzz. It will change your life..
Whats your favorite dry hair remedy? Does anything help you?! Let me know in the comments-- Talk to you soon:)

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  1. I love this! To be honest I've not purchased the most top notch products for my hair, but I do avoid anything from the drug store. Usually I'll head to Whole Foods and pick out something that smells yummy :) That said, this looks like a fantastic product!!

    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished


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