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Hiiii guuuuuys. I'm back again with a new post. But, this time not so new. I posted wayyyyyyy back when my essential makeup step which is Contouring and Highlighting. Check that out here. Since that post has blew the heck up I thought, why not do an updated one? Thats oooold news. Still check that post out though, because the technique is still the same, just the products are different. I think these products make allllllll the difference. So lets get started :)

Heres an exerpt from the 1st post---

"This is my girl Kim K... As you all know I'm obsessed but we can save that to talk about for a different day.... She has the perfect cheekbones, the tiniest nose, the best jawline....... Are you not so jealous?!? Well, I have got great news for you.. You can have it too! Noooooo I'm not talking plastic surgery.. With makeup! Its called contouring and highlighting! For all of us that weren't born with those perfect features this is for you... Contouring is when you take darker colors to create a shadow to take away the look of an imperfection you might want to cover up and you highlight the places of your face you really want to stand out! I can swear on Lolas life everyone in the magazines, red carpet anything are not so perfect-- they use this technique!"
I still think thats an amaziiiiiin explanation of contouring soooo why fix it if its not broke. Ya hurd?

What do I use?
Any matte brozer (no shimmer) two shades darker than your regular skin tone, A concelear to shades lighter than your skin tone, A setting powder, blush, highlight.

Enough talkin about it, lets be about it:
- Prime, prime, prime yo skin.
- Start out by taking your favorite foundation with a Beauty Blender all over dee faceee.
- Then, take any concealer, my favorite is Mac Prolong Wear, and do triangles under each eye, down the bridge of your nose, alittle on your forehead, your cupids bow, and your chin. Blend that in with the tip of the beauty blender.
- At this point, set everything with a powder. After all liquids are finished you always want to set it by pressing the powder into your skin. This keeps you looking matte and for the foundation/concealer to last. So, under the eyes I use Anastasia Beverly Hills powder from her contour kit in Bannana, this is a yellow based powder, so it will really brighten up your under eyes and help it from not creasing. Then, I take a translucent powder and set that all over the rest of the face.

 - Take my holy grail, NARS ITA BRUSH, dajkdjakd, with Fawn, from the contour kit, and make a fish face-- I swear I am not crazy-- go right where it sucks in to start contouring under your cheekbone. Blend that all out, then take it up your forehead, down each side of your nose, and the jawline. Dont forget to blend, blend, blend.

- Use your favorite blush.
- Highlight with any highlighter, my favorite is Stilas Kitten Duo, on the tops of your cheekbones all the way above your brow in a c-shape. Alittle on the tip of your nose, then your cupids bow, and chin. This helps really highlight the areas that the light would normally hit.
- Finish your makeup and BAM. Kim K status.

Highlighting & Contouring tips and tricks:
Say, maybe, you dont like youre forehead, its way to big, take the contour shade, and shade the top and sides of your forehead pretty low, then, highlight as little as possible. Say, youre forehead is to small, dont contour as much and really bring that highlight up.

Now girl if you got a broad nose, you need to contour that big time, you can make your nose legit look like you got plastic surgery not kidding. Maybe I should do a post all about that--- let me know in the comments if youre interested-- But, if you have a broader nose, take the contour shade and make two lines very slim and narrow then highlight a very thin line down the nose and blenddddd.. This will mimic a tiny nose.

If you have a double chin, like I think I do sometimes, contour your jawline and bring it down this will make a shadow that will kick that double chin right in the behind.

I hope this helped everyone! Ill be back in a few days with a Fall Makeup Tutorial! Keep on the lookoutttt 0 o


  1. I love highlighting my face, one of my favorite parts about doing my makeup! Your blog is amazing, I found you on the Luck Contributor page. Love it.

  2. Aww! Thanks girl! That means a ton-- You're blog is awesome as well!

  3. Wish I had your skills! This is amazing. I found you on Lucky too :) Yay!

  4. This is amazing!!! Totally saving this so I can finally learn to contour my face:)
    Daisy | Simplicity Relished

  5. I love a dark lip...heck, dark makeup altogether.

    1. UGHHHH ME TOO! I think we just became best friends heheh


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