Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Drugstore Holy Grailzzz

Hi, I really miss just chatting on here. Am I pathetic? Maybe I need some friends haha.
But, I like you guys. I feel like when Im shopping I go home and think, oh my lanta I got to go blog about all the cool things I found. Like its ridiculous. Haha, its like you guys are my friends and I just have to tell you everything I bought.. This sounds sad, but, its the trufffth. When I'm doing tutorials I just feel like its straight to the point and dry. Like, blend, put on lipstick BYE. So lets actually get back to normal and be BFFz again? Ok, good. Thanks.

So I'm gonna talk about something close to my heart and apparently your guys too.
Drugstore Products.
Where do you draw the line? What should you splurge on?
Honestly, heres my say, I don't draw the line anywhere. I don't think you exactly need to splurge on anything. Thats my opinion others may be different but, I like to try everything. Some drugstore products yes, for lack of a better word, the pits. But honestly, so are some high end Dior things. Im not against anything. But, don't get me wrong, I do love high end things, as you may see in my tutorials. On the other hand tho, I do love me a good NYC find. You do you, if something works for you and its a dollar. GIRRRL YAAAASSS. Im jealous and let me in on it. But like I said, I'm here to try everything from drugstore to high end for you to see what you need to go out and buy right now or pass on. So lets get to it.

NYC Liquid Liner-- Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm obsessed. If you follow a lot of bloggers, or you tubers you may already have heard the rave about this. But, its literally one of the blackest eyeliners I've ever used. The applicator is also amazing. Its super easy to work with and lasts forever. Wait for it.... Its also only $2.99. You should go buy it if you're obsessed with a nice wing like me.

Keepin on the NYC train, their Sunny Bronzer... I've talked about this a hundred and one times. But, one more won't hurt. This is a perfect bronzer. I literally reach for it more than I do my high end ones. I love it. There is no shimmer and it literally mimics a real tan. It gives you some color without looking Jersey Shore-esq if you're picking up what I'm putting down. This is also $2.99 ughhhhh. Its almost a complete dupe for Benefits Hoola Bronzer if you're into that but for a fraction (not even) of the cost.

Rimmels Lash Accelerator Mascara! This gem is like $7.99 I think... This is an amazing mascara. It lengthens like no other. Im obsessed with this one mascara from Mac, I think its called Extended Play and this is exactly like it, if not better. Its a miracle worker for my bottom lashes. When I wear this its like BAM there they are. I LOVE IT. I would pick this over a lot of high end mascara. Oh, and it lasts a super long time too. I wore it to bed (I know bad) on accident and I woke up and my lashes still were like Hayyyyyyy.

Revlons lipsticks, lipglosses, lipstains. Anything Revlon lip wise. Im about.  They are soooo pigmented and last a good amount of time for being $4. Their lipsticks after Mac and YSL are my favorite lipsticks of all time. They have the most PERFECT nudes and fall colors. No other drugstore lipstick touches Revlons. My favorite is Pink Pout and Nude Attitude. Im not kidding I reach for these two more than any of my other lipsticks 75% of the time. And thats a big deal considering the amount of lip sticks I do have. I have loved these for yeaaaaaaars. My first ever lipstick I actually wore on a daily basis was Nude Attitude and I have repurchased it at least 10 times.

Loreal Viable Lift Blur Foundation & Loreal True Match
This stuff is amazing. I got it because honestly, I was like I love my Loreal True Match, its my favorite foundation, so why not try it? And I'm so glad I did. It literally blurs my pores, blurs every imperfection and it doesn't feel heavy on the skin. Which is a plus! I loveeeee it. Its awesome for everyday! Loreal True Match is more for a night out. Its full coverage and you can definitely tell you have foundation on. But, it makes you look flawless. Its great for people with problem skin that wants a foundation to really cover everything. I use this on clients alllll zeeeee time. I love it.

NYX anything, practically is bomb.
I love their blushes, their concealers, their lip glosses.
Their lip butter glosses are everything. And they smell like vanilla. What else do you need in life? Their staying power isn't that great but if you're ok with reapplying its beautiful when its on and moisturizes your lips like no ones business. My favorite is creme brûlée! You can get them at Ulta for like $5.

So theres that....
You have all my secrets to cheap deals.
You're welcome ;)

Talk to you guys soon!

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