Sunday, October 19, 2014

DIY: Mermaid Tutorial! MOSTLY DRUGSTORE!

Hiiiiiiiiii everyone, I'm back with another HALLOWWEEEEEEEN tutorial. 
This time a MERMAID.
Ok, like vampires, I am obsessed with mermaids. I want to be one.
Im actually pretty obsessed with Carli Bybel a you tuber and I got inspiration from one of her videos a few Halloweens back and I alwayyyyyyyys wanted to try it out so I thought leeeegggoooooooo.
So Halloween gives you the chance to do this! Its super cool and easy, but pretty and not scary;)
And its actually pretty cheap to do by yourself at home!
If you're interested how to get this look, keep on reeeadin

First things first we did our foundation/contour routine which you can find here!

For eyes we primed of course with any eye primer. 
Then took Maybellines Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal and patted that on the outer corner of the eye and inner. Leaving the middle with no shadow. Then we took Urban Decays Grifter or any light purple and patted that right in the middle where we left it bare and blended it all out with a clean blending brush making sure theres no harsh lines! Then to intensify the teal we took our Mac Fix+ (or if you read this post you may know you can replace this with eye drops) and sprayed our brush and then picked up Maybellines Tattoo Pure Pigment in Never Fade Jade and patted it right over the teal and blend it all out with a blending brush again. Then taking the teal we lined the underneath of the eyes and afterwards took NYX Jumbo Pencil in Purple Velvet and lined our waterline and took any white shimmery shadow and just highlight the inner corner and brow bone. Then BLEND everything out one more time!

Take some fishnet stockings and place it where you would want the scales and then take the Maybelline Tattoo in Tenacious Teal and start patting in random places, again to intensify it take Never Fade Jade then take the light Purple shade and start patting that on the outer edges of where you want your scales to end. To really get a gradient effect, take the shimmery white shadow and go right at the edge. Just to make it look faded to nothing. If ya know what I'm sayin... This part you have to really make sure you don't move the stocking unless the scales will move. Then we took some eyelash glue and put it on the back of our hand and waited a few minutes so it will get tacky. We placed it wherever we wanted the glitter (I got the glitter and sequins at Jo Ann Fabrics for literally $3) and then took the glitter and sequins where ever we thought would look good. And voilllaaaaaa finished with some Pink Lipstick and you're set!

Now you're the prettiest mermaid in the whhooooleeee worrrrld;)
Keep checkin by for some new Halloween Looks! See ya lata alligata or should I say mermaid?

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