Tuesday, October 28, 2014


for my last Halloween DIY I thought why not do the Black Swan.
Natalie Portman is legit in that movie. Like that and that other movie with Ashton Kutcher came out around the same time and I remember looooooving her in that then seeing Black Swan and thinking, what in the world. Of all worlds. Is going on. Am i the only one? If you haven't watched it go check it out. The makeup in this movie is soooo DOPE and I thought why not put my own twist on it? I think this is such a cute costume to rock with a black ballerina tank and a black tutu. You'd look like a babe. Bet ya!

First thing we did is take the lightest foundation in Loreal True Match and apply it all over the face and down the neck. Then take a white translucent powder and don't tap off the excess and just pat it all over the skin. This is what really gives that white creepy base.

Then, start contouring with a gray shadow. Really accentuate this, the more you contour the creepier you'll look and thats all cooool for Halloween. Skip the blush and for a highlight I actually took Macs Pigment in White. I wet my brush with Fix+ and put it under the eyes, down the bridge of the nose, the cupids bow, the chin, etc etc. 

Now for the eyes--
We took any black shadow and put it all over the lid as a base. Then with eyelash glue pat it on the skin where you want the feathers, wait like ten seconds so it gets tacky, then apply them where you seem fitting. Then we took hairspray and just sprayed where we wanted the feathers to stay. They were going everyyyywhere, their nuts. Finished it off with some black liner, and smudged it all out with a shadow.

To finish off the look, I took a matte red lipstick (Russian Red from Mac) and applied that, then took Night Moth, a dark lipliner and put in the inside to make it look extra creepy.
AND BAM you're done. Go put your tutu on and call it a day hehe!

If you recreate any of these looks for Halloween I would love to see them!
This is unfortunately my last tutorial. Halloween came to fast. But, be safe and don't do anything I wouldn't do ;) AND HAVE FUN!

Talk to you soon xx


  1. I love love love LOVE this. So glad I found your blog. Very cool!


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