Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Extreme Makeover Mom Edition: Part 2

OKKKIEEEE so guess who's finally back with Part 2!
Yeah I know, Im pretty late, but, I've been busy. Im sawwryyy.
If you haven't seen Part 1 go check it out here!

So lets get back to Caitlyn! 
I wanted to do something very quick and easy on her since she's a mom of about to be two! I know not all mothers have the time to do this every single morning so just take little bits of pieces of what I did and incorporate it into you're everyday routine.

First, I of course did my contouring and highlighting! (This is optional but honestly, this makes all the difference) If you get it down, it will take you an extra five minutes.
I used Urban Decays Sin all over her lid, then took Nectar and Light Brown from the Lorac Pro Palette 2 in her crease to define a bit. I took Sin under the bottom lashes and finished it off with a nude liner and mascara! I filled in her brows with Taupe Dipbrow by Anastasia. I swear if you just did the contouring and highlighting, your brows, mascara, and lipgloss you would be good. I swear by good brows. It makes ALL of the difference. I finished off the look with Angel by Mac with Buxoms White Russian lipgloss!

For her hair, we curled it with a wand and put it upside down, ran our fingers through it and scrunched with Paul Mitchells Sea Salt Spray!

This really is easy.
Maybe not the first time.
Or the second.
But the third time you will be a pro.
It will take ten minutes at most!

All you moms try this out. I want to see some before and after pics!
See you guys soon with some more Halloween Tutorials AHHHHH

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