Monday, October 6, 2014

Extreme Makeover: Mom Edition!

Hiiii Ladeeeez!
One day, I was ya know just hangin' out, not really sure doing what and got to thinking, most women honestly just don't know what they are doing when it comes to makeup. They have been doing the same thing thinking that it is fine for years! They don't understand that their is other ways to do makeup. From mothers, to highschoolers, to grandmas! I remember when I was in high school I thought it was the cooooolest thing to wear bronzer and black eyeliner.. Thats it. I thought I was SOOOOOO cute. I know a lot of time with mothers they think they just don't have the time. But believe me, makeup can be fast and cute! There is no excuses girlfriend! With your hair as well! Like I said tho, when I was in high school I thought I was all that and a bag of chips. You could not tell me that something would look better. Sooooooo I decided why not do a post and show before with no makeup, what they do on an everyday basis and then my version! That way, you can really see how much of a difference hair and makeup makes! Not that any of these girls I am using really need a makeover because they are all beautiful no matter what. But, just a little somethin fun!

My first edition is going to be: The Everyday Mom
The mom who doesn't really have time to do much, but wants to look put together.
So I picked Caitlyn! 

Caitlyn is a mom to a two year old, Ava and is also expecting a baby boy in a few weeks!

Can we please talk about Avas big blue eyes?!?!?! Caitlyn is very simple and naturally beautiful. So, when I had her in my chair I thought, why not glam her up a little bit?! Even though I wanted her still to shine through with her beautiful pregnancy glow! I sat down with this mom and we went through her normal makeup routine. She says that when she does wear makeup, she uses Johnsons Baby Lotion, Bare Minerals foundation and bronzer. Then Bare Minerals mascara and some chapstick. Simple simple simple!

You can still be glam on a budget, and on a time schedule. Check back on Wednesday to see what I decided to do and learn some tips and tricks!

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