Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to get BOMB.COM eyebrows!

I have an obsession. Its kinda a crazy one. Not as crazy as my Pinterest obsession but, pretty bad. I have a tendency to stare at peoples brows............. Not kidding. I want to fill in every single persons brows I meet. Is that awful of me?! Its kinda like when people are addicted to popping peoples pimples. Mine is just not so nasty:) 

Brows are just so important. I don't think many people realize this. It brings the entire face all together. If you have a full face of makeup on and some sparse brows it just looks a bit awkward. Filling in your brows really gives your eyes a lift without any surgery! Also, it is statistically proven that thicker eyebrows make you look younger as well.. WHO KNEW?! Over plucked eyebrows are out ladies--Throw out them tweezers and buy yourself some brow powder! I promise its easy, anyone could do it.

Brow Powder/Gel
Eyebrow Shaper
Clear Brow Gel
Brow Scissors
Angled brush/Spooly

First things first start off and comb through your brows. If you have any long, unruly hairs make sure to comb them up and trim them with the scissors. This is always my favorite part. It really helps the shape of your brows. Then, use the eyebrow wax just to make sure all your hairs stay put. Its a great base for the product to stick to as well. 

1) By starting at the arch take the gel side of your kit and start carving out that side with the angled brush. Always go with the direction of your hair and use little hairlike strokes. As you can tell in the first picture I don't touch anything in the front 1/3 of the brow at this point. Really concentrate on just outlining the arch and filing it in very precisely.

2) In the second picture still using the gel I first outlined the rest of the hairs except the front baby ones. Then I went in and really went with the hair growth with a very fine hand. 

3) Then I took the powder and started with the baby hairs near the front of the brow and took my angled brush vertically start flicking the brush up imitating those hairs that normally would be there. You never want it to be to harsh.

4) Lastly, use the spooly end of your brush and brush your brows really making sure theres no hard lines. This is the key point! After that you will have awesome brows and get loads of compliments. I PROMISE!

I hope this helped you! Whats your favorite brow product? Let me know in the comments below... Don't forget to also follow me on Instagram to see previews of my blogs! flowersinemilyshair :)
Cya soon girls ♥  

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