Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Get the Look: Miranda Kerr ♥

Hi ladies! Who doesnt lust over those models every single year when the Victoria Secrets Fashion Show comes on? Their makeup and hair is always spot on-- I always watch it and try to do Mirandas look, then Candices until I master them. So, whilst googling Victoria Secret makeup I found this picture of Miranda and wanted to recreate it for all of you! Its pretty out there but you could totally recreate this look for everyday.

Lorac Pro Palette
A business card
NYX Matte Pure Red Lipstick
Covergirl Plum Plush Blush

1) Start with the eyes first. Before any face products. Just so you don't get any fall out under the eyes and prime the eyes with your favorite primer. I used Macs Soft Ochre.

2) Then I took the color Cream on a flat shader brush and patted the cream all over the lid. Then, with a blending brush I used windshield wiper motions and applied Taupe. With eyeshadows you always want to start light and build up the color. Then blend it all out with a clean brush. This tutorial is alllll about blending so BLEND IT SISTER!

3) Then with a business card I angled it up from my lower lash line and applied Sable over where I just put Taupe. Then, blend. After that still keeping the business card angled take Espresso with a blending brush and concentrate that in the outer v. Take it right almost to the end of your brow. You might think you look nuts but it will look awesome. Then, blend blend blend. 

4) Take off the business card and blend everything together. Be careful around the outer v. Lastly, I took Taupe again and blended out the crease to make sure there wasn't any hard lines. 

5) Afterwards, I took Espresso with a flat shader brush and focused that on my lower lash line to really smoke out the look. Then guess what! I blended that! :) After all of that I took White and put that in her inner corner and right above the brow. Use mascara and your all finished!

Now that I am done with the eyes, I cleaned up any fall out. Then, used any foundation, contoured and highlighted and filled in her brows. I used Covergirls Plum Plush for the blush because it gives a great flush to her skin and compliments her contour. I highlighted using Macs Soft and Gentle and applied her lipstick. Then VOILA! Miranda Kerr! 

Heres a tip! To get Victoria Secret Hair: 
Use a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Curl the hair away from the face. Don't touch any of the pieces until the very end. This way it gives them time to cool. Leave the front pieces out. With the front ones, curl them back on top of your head, take the iron out and wrap it around a hairspray can to let cool. This will give the swoopy effect that the girls have! Run your fingers through your hair and hairspray and you're all set!

Whats your favorite Victoria Secret Look! Let me know:)


  1. Beautiful! Love the subtle but sexy eyes. How do you get such a flawless base?

  2. I used revlon color stay with a beauty blender!! :)


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