Saturday, February 1, 2014

Most common beauty mistakes!

Hiiiiiiiii my friends! I thought today we can talk about my biggest pet peeves...... You know you are all getting to know me so I thought, WHY NOT! I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate when girls wear bronzer all over their face like its foundation. Im sorry I know its rude of me. BUT I HATE IT. Bronzer isn't meant to change the color of your skin girlfriend! So instead of thinking in my head why, why, why, why and why I thought, maybe I can help. Just maybe... Honestly, if I am offending anyone I am sorry it is just my opinion! I really think that makeup should never camouflage anything-- unless its a pimple. Makeup should enhance everything you already have goin' on. Girls, as much as I am a common offender, the duck face doesn't help either.

With my friend Sams help, I put together one side that is all COMMON mistakes us girls make when doing our makeup, then, how it should look to really flatter your features. What makeup should do!

Honestly, take a look at both of these. The right side looks so much better!

First things first, that BRONZER THOOOO! You can't.. You just can't have your face look muddy and not match your face. I see offenders of this crime allllll the time. Like I said earlier, bronzer isn't meant to make you darker.. It is supposed to bring sun to your face or to use as a shadow. 

The same thing goes to foundation. Really try to match it to your face. I understand girls I feel the same way "I want to be a little tanner so I will put on a little darker foundation noone will tell" But it is a huge difference I swear. Just put the same color foundation on and just use a tiny bit of bronzer it will look loads better!

Blush is meant to be natural as well.. I like to put it right above my contour color and stop right before the pupil of the eye. Find a color thats really good for your skin tone. Not to light or dark! Make sure you put it right above the contour because if not it really brings down your cheeks. If you put it in the right spot your cheek bones look massively high.

Highlight and contour! It really helps to bring life into your face. Highlight down the bridge of your nose, up like a tree to your forehead, above your cheekbones, your chin, your cupids bow and below your eyebrow!

Fill in those brows--- Arch those babies. In my opinion a good shaped brow brings the eye all together.

Eyeshadow really needs to have some dimension to it. You cannot just slop on a silver and walk out the door. Always use a base color, highlight and a crease color unless its going to look super flat! By having the winged liner it really expands the eye to make it look bigger!

Black eyeliner in the waterline really makes the eye so much smaller! Its so harsh for everyday as well. By using a nude in your waterline it really brightens up everything and looks 10x bigger. 

DONT CLUMP YOUR MASCARA! It honestly is not cute! Ever! I love mascara as much as the next person but really less is more. I think two coats is great and out the door. If you want more volume than two coats pop on some lashes.

Putting lip liner over your natural lip does not make your lips look bigger. Im sorry. But, you can use a lip plumper:)

Last but definitely not least just really make sure your neck and your face match.. If they don't, blend blend and blend!

I hope these beauty mishaps really helped you! Maybe even made you laugh a bit-- Let me know if you all have other beauty donts:)

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