Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Guide to DIRTY locks

Ok, so I'm sure you guessed it the guide to dirty (clean looking) hair is DRY SHAMPOO! I'm sooooo lazy in the mornings so this is an absolute plus for me!! It not only lets me have some more beauty sleep but its actually good for your hair to skip between washes. By washing your hair everyday, your are making your hair produce more oils from the shampoo because you are getting rid of the natural oils from your scalp. Makes sense if you think about it... A few years ago I would never and let me repeat NEVER go into public with my hair not washed and if I did, it was on top of my head in a bun.... I was the first to tell you: "I could never rock second day hair my hair is way to greasy for that" I've heard that from almost every client I've ever had. My response now is always-- "Why yes, yes you can." So heres how I did it and I hope it works for you also!

First things first, invest in a headband.. I'm sorry but training your hair does not work over night. You might have to sport some greasier looking locks than you would like for a bit. But, it will all be worth it. Start washing hair every other day... You will start to see a difference and when you can go every two days push your self that extra mile and try another... I wash mine every Sunday and Thursday.. While from Sunday to Thursday is tough theres tons of cute hairstyles you can do to disguise your greasy locks on the fourth day... This is a great video for it!  3 Hairstyles for 2nd/ 3rd Day Hair The top knot is my faveeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

Between washes though... Use Dry Shampoo!!! I section out my dirty hair and use Lushs No Drought!! I apply it in each section then let it be for a while... Do my makeup, watch tv, do the dishes..... Just kidding, I don't do the dishes..... LOL! But, after you're done doing your business start rubbing in the powder just like you would do with shampoo until there is no white look left!! Then VOILA! Brush your hair and you're good to go!! Clean as can be hair! Almost cleaner than my dishes ;)

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