Friday, January 24, 2014


Helloooooo everyone! Most of you know, I am not a morning person and when I say I'm not... Like I really HATE mornings. I will do the least amount of effort so I can push snooze and sleep until I have no time to get ready. It happens every single morning. What can I say I like to sleep?? So over the years of me being a lazy bum I figured out good ways to be able to sleep long and look cute! Who woulda thought??!?! Dry Shampoo is a savior I am telling you.. Check out my post here.

So the first hairstyle is a cool braid. Its super simple to do.. You start out with day old hair.. In this case its curled but it could be straight.. Start braiding each part of your hair from your part to like two inches above your ear on each side. Secure it with a hair elastic. If you like to tease your hair I would do it now! Pull each piece of the braid out like in the picture, to make the braid fuller. Then, wrap one braid around your head and bobby pin it. Do the same with the other side but tuck the part thats sticking out under the other braid.  Then VOILA! Cute hair that looks like you spent all day. 

Next is a side bun! This is super cute all the time. I love buns... -_- I love hair buns. Its sooo easy. So you take all of your hair to one side of your head. Use a brush to really make sure its smooth but not to smooth. Then literally just bunch up all of your hair into a bun right behind your ear and it might take a few pony tails to get all the stray hairs exactly where you want but thats all you do! With some nice dangly earrings this would be so 'fetch' ;)

Lastly this is a really messy cute pony. First you put on a headband, any would be fine. Then tease your crown. Put it in a pony but make sure its loose. Then take pieces from the top of the pony and pull them to make sure its higher. Then tease the pony and you are set!

Send me some of you doing these looks on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! I would love to see it!! 
I hope this helps all my ladies get some more beauty rest;)

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