Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lana Del Rey Inspired Makeup Look

Hiiii girlfriends!! So you can't judge me but, I get weirdly addicted to things.. Like its not a full on obsession but its like a few weeks then I jump to something different and obsess over that.. Its like a food chain. First, it was Vampire Diaries, then it was YouTube, then it was Tositos Salsa and now I am kinda obsessed with Pinterest..... I tried to give up Facebook and Twitter so now when I'm bored I just scroll through the Beauty section. I could waste hours pinning am I the only one??? I will literally sit down for one second and BAM three hours pass by from me just literally looking at hair and makeup... While I was wasting away my morning the other day, I stumbled on this amaaaazing picture of Lana Del Rey. Its gorgeous and the first thing I thought was I HAVE TO RECREATE THIS! So here goes nothin'..

Naked Basics Palette
Black Liquid Liner
Nude Eye Liner
Nude Lipstick

1) First things first I used my favorite foundation and I evened out her playing field making sure I got her eyelids and highlighted and contoured her face! If you don't know how to do this check it out here. 

2) I used my Naked Basics palette and patted 'Foxy' all over her lid with a flat shader brush.

3) Then I took 'Naked 2' in windshield wiper motions all in her crease with a domed crease brush.

3) I took 'Faint' and really concentrated that in the outer part of the crease with a big fluffy blending brush. Afterwards, I blended everything out with a clean brush-- Making sure to be no hard lines.

4) I used my Black Makeup Forever Aqua Liner with a liner brush and lined the lid making a wing at the end going almost to the end of her brow. (If you would like a tutorial on this let me know!)

5) I took 'Faint' again with a smudge brush and 'smudged' it all along my bottom lash line. This isn't shown but after that I took my NYX Wonder Pencil and lined her bottom waterline.

6) I used mascara on her top and bottom lashes!

7) I filled in her eyebrows and then started contouring her nose to be small and tiny like Lana's. I took 'Naked 2' with my shader brush making a very straight line going up to the dip of her eye. Then took my blending brush to blend it all out.

8) Put on Revlons Nude Attitude and she mine as well be Lana ;)

I had soooooo much fun recreating this timeless look! Let me know how it worked for you!! :) Comment below if you have any questions!!

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