Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dark Lip and Simple Eye

Hiiiiii everyyyone!
As you may found out in my Fall Fashion blogpost..  I am obsessed with Fall. Not only Fall clothes, but Fall makeup IS BOMB. Everything about a dark cranberry lip I am all up, all over and around. Since I am mildly obsessed-- who am I kidding, I am totally obsessed-- I thought WHY NOT DO A TUTORIAL?!? My favorite quick out the door look lately has literally been a winged winer, bold lip and thats about it. Takes .5 seconds and you literally look like Miss Fashionista. Try it. I bet you will get a million and twenty compliments! ;) Now lets get into this...

- For the base (foundation, contour, blush, highlight) check out my previous post!
- I know I get repetitive but ALWAYS PRIME YO LIDS. Unless its literally going to be a waste of time and you're eyeshadow/liner will come off halfway through the day.
- Then you don't want to do anything crazy to the lids since you have that dramatic lip going on, I just swept a light brown shadow into the crease for some definition and such!
- After that, I took a white eyeshadow and put that in the tear duct and right underneath the brow to highlight and make ya look awake.
- Then I did a winged liner. Find out how I do that here! (btw-- would you like a picture or video tutorial on this? let me know in the comments!)
- Now onto the lips! I took Macs lip pencil in Night Moth and lined the lips and brought it half way down the lip so it blends with the lipstick seamlessly and then, apparently finally put some Mascara on..... Hahahhaahahha
- Lastly, I took Macs lipstick Cyber and filled in the rest! Rubbed the lips together and dadadatada! A perfect Autumn Look!

So there it is! The most simple and easy Fall Makeup! 
How cute would this be with a grey cozy cardigan and some boyfriend jeans?!! UGHHH TO DIE FOR. 

Let me know what other Fall Makeup Looks you want to see nextttt!
Keep your lids open for some Halloweeeeeeeeeen Tutorials 0:)

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  1. Dark lips! So gorgeous and edgy. I love how you did your eye makeup too:)

    <3 Daisy
    Simplicity Relished


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