Saturday, April 12, 2014


I am obsessed with winged eyeliners right now. Even if I am being so lazy, put on a wing, some gloss and you look like a babe. It is literally my go-to look. Although, it legit has taken me MONTHS to perfect it and I still mess up every now and then. Am I the only one? I have to have many Q-tips handy every time even if it looks fine I get so obsessed with making it perfect. Its ridiculous. You're life is pretty much together if you can make both your wings even every time. I give you huuuuge kudos! While messing up like I said for leap years, I learned some tips along the way to make it easier on us less fortunate gals.

 To keep a steady hand, lean your elbow on your table & keep the mirror below you so you are looking down at it.
Alright, so starting at the middle of your eye start making tiny strokes. SMALL STROKES IS KEY!
Then, go towards the inside very thin because you want the outside to be thick.
Go over the tiny strokes and connect them making one fluid line.
I recommend to follow the bottom lash line to make they wing because it really elongates the eye.
So bring the line and angle it out towards the end of your brow (that way you can make sure both of them match) Then, take the end of the line and connect it towards the outer part of your eye. Use small strokes but then go over it to smooth it all out.

To really get the wing effect, take the Q-Tips that have the pointed end, wet it, then go right along the bottom of the wing and clean up the line. If you still can't get the wings to line up you can also use tape! What you say? Yes, tape. I use this sometimes to make my eyeshadows perfect too. So take the tape, slap it on the backside of your hand just to make sure its not to sticky. Then, take it and go from the lower lash line to your brow and thats right where you want to put the tape. Follow the line, take the tape off and there you go! A perfect, even line! Ive also heard about using a spoon. But idk how that would work out. I like to strictly use my spoons for cookie dough ice cream. But, thats just me........

Winged eyeliners literally go amazing with anything. You can put it over a nice everyday eye, or a smokey eye. Or no eyeshadow at all. It will always look amazing. A winged eyeliner and a red lip is a great quick vintage look! But, a nice nude lip is cool too:) Let me know if you want to see a pic by pic tutorial of this! I hope I helped! Xoxo

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