Wednesday, June 11, 2014

4 Ways to Style a White Tee!

I love plain white t's.
I have no idea why. But, I wear them with everything.
Cant find somethin to wear that day? No prob! Slide on a white tshirt and your set.
You can dress it up and down for every day use.. I literally probably have about fifteen of them and if you asked me to get them all, I could probably find 2. They are like leggings and socks. They always go missing. WHYYYYYYYYY!!!! Only the sock eating, legging chewing, white t stealer knows. Or the washer machine eats my clothes. Either way, it sucks.

I love t's with high waisted shorts. In the first pic, we tied the white t just at the waist so you can show a little skin and spice up the outfit.

In the 2nd- Slap on a blazer. Blazers make everything classy. White t's and blazers are the death of me. THEY STEAL MY HEART. I love them. We also paired them with a pair of ripped jeans to make it a bit more relaxed but slid on some pointed toe heels! Its like okay you're wearing a business blazer and heels, get away you are to businessey... But put on ripped jeans and a white t, perfect. Hahahaha! Ok, I'm nuts. But, don't mind the tractor. I swear I am not a hick of any kind.

I love maxi skirts. They are like yoga pants but you can actually go other places other than the gym and your couch with them. Either wear your t plain with this or tuck it in. Either way I love..

The last pic, we just did a plain jane look. Because who doesn't love dark jeans and a white t? UH ME! We paired it with mint green Vans and I think the whole style just screamed wear me on your errand day, adventure day, shopping day, Saturday, Sunday, heck anytime.

Next time you have nothing to wear, think of me and put on a t!
Which one is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments!

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