Monday, April 21, 2014


Guess what ladies?? You don't have to be hot, luggin' your long tresses around all summer! Shoulder length hair is in-- and so fun. All the celebs are doing it. They are ditching their long hair (or extensions) and going for this short, sassy, texturized cut! I know, I know, I used to be (still am even though I have a pixie) obsessed with never cutting my hair too. You get attached, I promise I get it. But, now is the best time to do it. By cutting your dead ends and starting fresh your giving your hair a new start to be healthy. Another great plus-- this cut goes hand in hand with Spring and Summer. Easy, effortless and just get up and go. Ya know, my fave. The years of the straighteners and curling irons are gone. Natural is in! Am I the only one who thinks the worst thing in the whole world in the heat is blowdrying my hair? UGH! The best way to style this cut is with damp hair, spray some sea salt spray (see how to make some here), scrunch and let air dry or diffuse and you are good to go! No fuss hair which is the best hair-- and damage free! What isn't great about this trend?!? If Kim Kardashian can ditch her extensions believe me, you can too!

First Beyonce did it. If she did something all the girls in the universe mine as well do it because Beyonce is god. She's always rocking the latest trends and I loveeee this blonde lob on her!

Taylor did it! But, in her own classy way! And I LOVE everything about this! Taylor and her long hair are NEVER getting back together! (Lets hope)

Leighton Meester cut her tresses......... NO WAY! This Gossip Girl really looks amaaaaazing. It looks so soft on her which is the best part and love the lighter color! Perfect for Spring!

Jessica Alba instagramed this pic of her new hairs! This is one of my favorite! My favorite part about it is its effortless which is awesome on Jessica. Its very youthful!

Last but definitely not least, my favorite.. Kylie Jenner! She rocked it!! I'm dying. Praise the new Kylie. She definitely stepped out of her sisters shadows with this one. She's now on the map!

Let me know which ones your favorite? Would you make the cut? Comment Below!!

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