Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY: Prom Makeup!

Hey girls! Prom is right around the corner and I know at least when I was in high school, prom makeup and hair is a pain in the rear. You literally spend so much money and time on it because you will be looking back on these pictures forever! I literally think I wore eyeliner foundation and some bronzer.. Thats it lol. 

I told you so, lol. But, I can help you save a few bucks and look beautiful for your big day!

For prom, you really don't want to do anything crazy. Like I said before you are going to be looking at these pictures forever and you want something timeless and classy. But if you want to rock a black smoky eye and some red lips you do it girlfriend!

First, start out with a contoured face. This is a crucial step because it will make you look that much better on camera. Read my post on how to contour here! 
Do your brows! Don't forget this because.. well... look at my brows in the pics. Doing your brows makes the entire face come together. 
Then, take your favorite blush. I would go with a more neutral color. I used Macs 'Melba'. Don't forget to highlight! Go right above your cheekbone and above the arch of your brow. 

Now for eyes! I used the Naked Palette. First, spray your brush with some Fix +.. This will help the shadow look more foiled looking and more pigmented and shiny. If you don't have it (which I suggest you go run to your nearest mac or online) a few drops of Visine will do the trick as well.  I took the color Half Baked and put this all over her lid. Then took Naked into her crease and Buck into the outer half of the crease and outer v! If you want to use tape or a business card to line up the end of your bottom lash line angled up to your brow this will give it a much more clean look! Just don't forget to blend, blend, blend!!! And blend some more! Then, I took Virgin into her inner corner and under her brow bone and under the lash line. The outer part of her bottom lash line I used Buck and really blended that into Virgin. But kept the first half of the lash line really bright just smoked it out towards the end! Then, blend, blend and blend! I used some liquid liner on the top. Find out an easy way how to do that here! Afterwards I used a black liner in her waterline and finished with mascara. 

For lips, I used Macs Myth which is a nude lipstick, with a little bit of pink and took Buxoms White Russian which is MY FAVORITE lipgloss right now. Its nude, but not to nude. With yet again a bit of pink-- and its a lip plumper! Win! Spray some Fix + all over one more time and you are good to go! 

This a fool proof makeup look that will last all night. Just don't forget primers. Face and eye-- and set everything with powder! Let me know if you want a full review of Macs Fix +! Its a god send. Have a good Sunday guys :) Ill try to do a DIY Prom hair as well! Be on the lookout 0_0

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